Docktoberfest 3rd Edition: Kansas Bible Company, The Inscape, Girls And Money, and The Day Drinkers

What more could you want on a Friday night besides Jackalope beer, Thai food, and a party? Music from these bands of course:

Kansas Bible Company isn’t trying to convert you to any certain religion, but they are trying to convert the normal head-bobbing, arms-folded and skeptical audience member to an arms flailing, uncontrollable dancer. Observe:

Girls And Money has a happy-go-lucky attitude and sound with an interesting dynamic, combining Shep Alligood’s gritty in-your-face lyrics with Jenny Thomas’ background soul voice. Joe Clemons keyboards and Stephen Dewitts drums complete a throwback sound that recalls 50s rock and roll. But this is the present and they came to party. You can download their latest EP at their Web siteĀ here.

Also check out the Inscape:

And The Day Drinkers. Listen to their music at Reverb NationĀ here.

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