Dan Deacon Ensemble w/ Height with Friends, Chester Endersby Gwazda & Alan Resnick at Exit In Tonight

By Contributor Andrew Johnson

Baltimore resident Dan Deacon’s newest LP America begins with the track “Guilford Avenue Bridge,” which has the sound of an alien spaceship entering Earth’s atmosphere through the Ozone layer and thick clouds and scouring the horizon, making scientific notes about the landscape and the distant civilizations. This song is followed by “True Thrush,” an electronic pop bastion of positivity and playful, bird-chirping lyrics. This is certainly music of discovery and exploration. If you dig the sound of the record, Deacon’s live show is a must-see, especially since his ensemble will be there. Deacon seems to hint at starting a movement with his live shows, giving his audience instructions on how to get started and then trusting them to blaze their own trails. You can be sure that enough people will occupy Exit In to make it a worthwhile movement and a rock-your-skeleton dance party. Get tickets here¬†and check out the music below.

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