Thirsty Thursday: Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, Montezuma Fire Machine, and Two Bit Charlie tonight @The Attic at Piranhas

By Contributor Andrew Johnson

The Fourth Edition of Thirsty Thursday offers a unique instrumental style of jazz and caribbean flair, progressive jammers referencing an Aztec emperor, and a two-piece blues rock outfit that conveys its ferocity without the likes of bass guitar. Check out the Facebook event page here.

I feel like I’m a rope being pulled simultaneously in opposite directions during a game of tug of war between a jazz martini lounge and a Caribbean island when I listen to Jonathan Scales Fourchestra (Asheville, NC). But neither environment really suits the music. The song “The Longest December” ┬áteeters on a smooth, solid groove of eclectic steel pan, jazz guitar, bass and drums that screams uncertainty with its diminished scaling. It’s almost as if this song is the smooth-sounding version of Jack Torrence’s mind going crazy from winter weather isolation in the film “The Shining.” Check out the video for “The Longest December” below.

I’m in the process of perfecting my sun worship bow, my tribal face paint, and getting myself in shape to complete 18 revolutions around the sun to prepare for Montezuma Fire Machine’s set tonight. I’m certain my sun-exposed face will be melted off by the fiery, ultra-violet jams, a small sacrifice to make for a scorching show. Check out MFM’s EP Frown Like A Lord below.

Nashville blues rockers Two Bit Charlie cite the dialogue of dynamics as their primary focus. Vocalist Andrea Iacopini’s guitar licks are having a conversation, sometimes a heated argument with Scott Soifer’s drum tracks. Iacopini and Soifer are all by themselves, pontificating from the rock pedestal together as a dynamic duo, minus the superhero capes. They’re not all by themselves in the Green Day hidden track, immature way, but in the us-against-the-world, less is more way. All I can think about is how wide awake I’ll be for this set, without needing any red bull and vodka as a kickstarter.

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