The Black Keys Secret Show At Springwater In Nashville

Ok, I’m sure most fans have already heard about the secret show by The Black Keys in Nashville last night.  What started with this innocuous tweet…

turned into this….

And then you had all of these from our favorite local hole in the wall…

Followed by this…. 40 people only right?  yes, I was there… and about 400 people too late, but, hey, it was worth the ride. T o those lucky few that got in… please send us some video.  Lucky for me I read this blog regularly, so I knew to head over to Mercy Lounge for Of Montreal, Kip Deceiver, and Chappo. Great Wednesday night!

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  1. I was there, and the show was amazing!! I got in line at 3:45 and finally made it in the door around 8:30 – 8:45. All phones and cameras were STRICTLY prohibited, they said they’d kick you out if they saw you using one for any reason, and as there were so few of us there they had an eagle eye on everyone. It was a blast!


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