The Ettes + Ultras S/C, Imogene + Willies, Tonight + Nashville

The Ettes + Ultras S/C = Imogene + Willie = Supper + Song = Tonight + Nashville.

Here’s their write up of our early pick of the evening tonight in Nashville over at Imogene + Willie.

ULTRAS S/C (which stands for Social Club) is a new band comprised of not-so-new-to-the-industry artists Jemina Pearl (formerly of Be Your Own Pet), Chet Weise (Immortal Lee County Killers & Quadrajets) and Ben Swank (Soledad Brothers and co-founder at Third Man Records). While they’re known for more of a psychedelic warm fuzz than blues-based garage rock, they will be showcasing a quieter, more dynamic side not previously revealed.

The Ettes are a world-renowned rock ‘n’ roll band who formed back in 2003 and consist of Lindsay “Coco” Hames, Maria “Poni” Silver and Jeremy “Jem” Cohen. They’ve toured around the globe and have been featured in numerous soundtracks and commercials. They recently released Teeth, a limited edition deluxe 7″ vinyl which is stellar.

Mas Tacos will be joining us and please BYOB, a blanket or a chair! Or,  I + W will be selling these 7×7 blankets in the store if you need one.  Things get started at 6pm.  Get out and support local music… and shopping.

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