West Nashville Gets a New Venue Called ‘Stone Fox’

The fine folks at the Nashville Cream dropped the news yesterday about yet another new Nashville venue which is going to be partially owned and operated by Nashville musician William Tyler and family. The name of this new juke joint will be The Stone Fox (located here). You can head over to the Cream to read the rest of that fine write up.

Ok, so now that you read that, let’s discuss the details. It is going to house approximately 200-250 of you scenesters, and will have music a couple of nights a week “to fill the void” of venues of that size in Nashville. Ok, I’m no braniac, but there seems to be more stages than “decent” bands for venues of that size around Nashville. It sounds an awful lot like the idea that was brewing with The Humdrum in East Nashville, which is now is apparently just a fleeting memory. During the nights without bands, The Stone Fox plans to keep it real (ala Santas or FooBAR). Drinks you say… yes, we love our drinks. You can have a $2 PBR while your girlfriend, who sighs everytime you drag her to yet another smoky dive bar, can have $12 Patterson House-style cocktails. Wait, did you say a food-truck model of eats, too?

What’s to lose, it sounds freakin’ awesome. It’s like a hipster paradise that west side working stiffs can swing by too. I just hope these guys are fully set to be a bar and brick & mortar food truck first, because I don’t particularly see the void in venues.

Pessimism aside, you can guys can rest assured that I will spend lots of my hard earned money at this fine new establishment that you tempt me with. Welcome!


  1. Just for the record, the venue will be called The Stone Fox, not Stone Fox Chase. The latter just happens to be the name of an old Area Code 615 song. As with most things the Tyler family gets behind, I anticipate good times and success. Don’t think they’re planning to really compete with other local small-cap venues, per se. Just book mostly local-centric nights a few times each week.

    Anyway, thanks for linking! I’m looking forward to finding out what will become of the Fox.

    • Thanks for the clarification. I’m looking forward to the opening as well. It sounds like another great addition to the Nashville nightlife. Keep up the good work!


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