Is House of Blues slated for Broadway?

I was reading the Nashville Business Journal today… whoa, that sounds weird.  Well, let’s put it this way, I was sitting on a “seat” where you tend to look for whatever reading material is around to pass the time… and right there on the front page was this article.

Ok, it didn’t look exactly like that because that came from the Nashville Business Journal’s website, and you can only read the full article in the print version.  But, in a nutshell, it talks about Live Nation Entertainment’s plans to open the 1,500-ish person chain venue/restaurant House of Blues on Broadway in Nashville.  This coming on the heels of our post about the already crowded market for venues with the opening of the (way, way different) Stone Fox in the Sylvan Park neighborhood this summer.

Who are the potential victims with the opening?   The Ryman has been around for like 3,000 years, so I would say that they are in good shape.  The Cannery Ballroom is currently the go-to place for music that fits this capacity, and I have a feeling that they are in decent shape just because of their solid foothold in the Nashville market.  I’m kind of worried about Marathon Music Works (and accordingly, the whole Marathon development) with the opening of a House of Blues.  Marathon is new, and they are working hard to provide a another mid-sized venue in Nashville.  It’s a killer spot too, if you haven’t been there.  That being said, you have a ton of marketing, capital, and the world’s largest concert promoter behind the House of Blues.

I guess there is a reality that most Nashvillians chose to spend their time in other parts of town, and the tourists can snap away to their hearts’ content down there.  But, if the shows are going on at the House of Blues, would we go there? Does Nashville really need another mid-sized venue?  I’ve been to PAH-lenty of shows that are 3/4 empty around here.  Maybe they are looking for a spot to bring the big country acts downtown?  I will tell you my personal opinion, I like the independent Nashville style and venues, and I’m not so sure that I want a House of Blues pushing Live Nation’s agenda down my throat.

Anyway, it’s interesting Friday fodder, and who knows if it will pan out.  That being said, you should try to find a bathroom in an office building and read the article for yourself.

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  1. if live nation can bring a more diverse line of acts then go for it. i agree with the fact that we already have enough venues, but what we need around here is a more diverse offering of bands and performers.


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