Outside Lands 2012 Announce Your Summer Vacation

The fine folks at Another Planet Entertainment and Superfly Presents have laid down another epic lineup for this year’s Outside Lands festival from August 10-12 in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.  For those of you that have written off the idea of a four day, hot, sweaty, dirty, camping experience for a music festival this might be just the opportunity for you.  The weather is typically cool in the city by the bay, you will be staying in a hotel (or on someone’s couch), and you can easily bike to the festival each day.  Alright, there’s my sales pitch for the San Francisco tourist board.  So, check the lineup below to see if I just helped you plan your summer vacation.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow, and you can snag those here.



  1. Are you going to come out here again for it?


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