Kevin Costner and The Modern West, Exit/In, Tonight in Nashville… C’mon, Cream!

Ok, I usually don’t feel the need to write up a rebuttal to anything anyone else in town has to say, but I have to do that regarding Nashville Cream’s diss to Kevin Costner and The Modern West.  Sure, it’s contemporary country, and I’m not really into that stuff.  And, regardless of our love for Field of Dreams or Untouchables, I think Costner himself knows he isn’t in line for any Grammy’s anytime soon.

What I do think should be pointed out about this band is the connections to Nashville, and we should support those musicians.  You have Teddy Morgan and Park Chisolm holding down the real guitar duty, and carrying the whole sound while Luke Bulla is a regular on the fiddle for them.  All of these guys are working, touring, Nashville musicians.  I know you guys are having fun, and we all love to support the little bands that are scrapping to make ends meet.  But, just remember the hardest thing to do with a guitar when some musician drops the pizza off at your office while you are giggling about the sold out Modern West show tonight…



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