Get to Know: The Loose Hinges

Nashville’s The Loose Hinges define an attitude.  It’s as much an analogy for their “off the cuff” ideas, as it is for their incredibly diverse and playful music.  This duo that can (I guess) best be described as pop has wild forays into electronica, soul, country, and folk.  The one thing that is really apparent is the seriously passionate musical relationship between vocalist Kris McCarthy and multi-instrumentalist/producer Eliot Houser.

This unexpected and fruitful musical chemistry infuses the duo’s debut from the opening hypnotic beats and trippy, ethereal flow of “Out of the Sun,” which looks back fondly on a broken relationship with a dreamy “lover’s memory.” Houser’s flamenco-inspired guitar rake and rich percussion textures pair perfectly with McCarthy’s sensuous filtered vocal on the exotic Cuban vibe of “Just Say It,” while “What You Waitin’ For” is a fiery, Les Paul driven power-rock ballad featuring some of McCarthy’s most impassioned vocals. The Loose Hinges wrap the set with the moody, folk-influenced “You Do More,” which finds the singer at her most unadorned and vulnerable.  It’s a really interesting listen that I think will provide a little something for everyone.

Talk is cheap… it’s time for you to hear The Loose Hinges.  They would like to offer you a free download of their self-titled debut record.  You can download it through the Soundcloud player below (click the little arrow pointing down).  Kris tells me that there aren’t any Nashville dates right now, because the duo is hard at work on a second release due out in 2012.  As always, I’ll keep my ear to the ground, and let you know when live dates start popping up.  In the meantime, you have a little time to get to know The Loose Hinges.

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