Cloud Nothings & Crystal Antlers, The End, Tonight In Nashville

Halloween is over, and now we are in the countdown to the holidays of eating too much, spending too much, and too much family time.  So, maybe you should treat yourself to a little something, something in preparation of giving so much of your time to others.  I’ve got just the thing for you Tonight In Nashville.

Crystal Antlers is a Long Beach, CA psych rock band that formed in 2006.  Creating their own blend of psychedelic, punk, & soul, the band quickly became favorites among a broad range of rock fans.  They released a self titled EP in 2008, and their full debut album Tentacles was released in April 2009 (which is the record that a friend left on my office chair to introduce me to Crystal Antlers, Thanks James).  Their most recent record is Two Way Mirror which released in July of 2011.  They’ve received quite a bit of critical acclaim from Pitchfork & Stereogum to name a few.  I’ve included three of their tracks in the player below (they are the last three).

Cloud Nothings only burst on to the scene a couple of years ago.  The brainchild of an 18 year old Clevelander named Dylan Baldi, Cloud Nothings are well known for their lo-fi indie pop greatness.  It isn’t to be said that Dylan was looking for lo-fi, but it is the result of recording his first batch of songs on a crappy computer in his parent’s basement.  Give him a ton of internet notoriety, and he is now signed to Car Park Records, has glowing Pitchfork reviews, has toured with tons of up and coming (as well as already made it acts), and now has the production capital necessary to get the true sounds out of Dylan’s head.  I’ve included four Cloud Nothings tracks in the player below.  The first two tracks are incredibly lo-fi, and you can hear the difference in the production value in the latter two tracks.

The only thing left for you to do is listen to some tracks, figure out what excuse you are going to use to go out tonight, and get over to The End.  Things get started around 9pm with opener Lines In The Sky.  Tickets are only $8.  Get out and see some live music.

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