Girls in-store performance at Grimey’s to be Webcast!!!

How rad is that? I didn’t even know what to think when I read that. I expect Grimey’s to be overrun tomorrow for Girls in-store performance.  So, how do you let even more people see it?  You webcast it to the whole world, that’s how!!!  And, do you want a bonus, the session will be pressed onto Vinyl, and will be sold at participating record stores that host the video!  This is so innovative, and I, sincerely, take my hat off to the folks over at Grimey’s.

So, here’s what you need to do.  Listen to the new Girls album,  Father, Son, and Holy GhostBuy your tickets to see Girls perform at Mercy Lounge on Friday, September 16th.  Tune in Friday, September 16th at 5pm (Central Time) to see the live in-store performance.  You can always head over to Grimey’s website to see the performance, and tons of other cool stuff.  I also attached the webcast player below to take some of the load off the servers over at Grimey’s.


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