Turkeys playing free show with D Watusi and The Coolin’ System, Sevier Park, Saturday

Much to the exasperation of my girlfriend, I spend ALL DAY thinking about music.  Let me give you an example of a typical conversation around here.

Girlfriend [that I am lucky to still have] (GF): Babe, mmmemmemm, blah, blah, blah, blah, yak, yak, yak, nom, nom, nom, kjasidoiaj, pfffhhhfhhf, yadda, yadda, yadda.
Me: …….. (thinking about some new artist or show that is going on in town).
GF: Hey Babe?  I was thinking madkjos, akjsiio, mmemm-waah, shhhhh, krrrrlugh, honk, beep, beep, shhhhhh, blurp?
Me: ….. (thinking… seriously, they are coming to town, that’s awesome.  I need to figure out some witty blog post to get the word out).
Me: Huh, what?  What’s up?  You look pretty.
GF: You’re lucky I put up with you.
Me: I sure am honey…. (drifting back into thoughts of the next great indie rock supergroup)…

So, what am I jeopardizing my relationship by thinking about today?  That would be the previously reported “band-to-be-named later”, now known as Turkeys, that Nashville Cream has been telling us aboutWhile “supergroups” are not a new concept in music, it seems that there has been an explosion of them in the past few years.  So, why can’t some hard-working great Nashville rockers get in on that action.

Turkey’s features Jamin Orrall (JEFF the Brotherhood), Jessi Darlin (Those Darlins’), Luke Schneider (Cortney Tidwell, Lylas, & more), Joey Scala (Denney and the Jets & PUJOL), and Sean Thompson (PUJOL).

If that doesn’t sound like enough fun for you, you also have the great Nashville surf-punksters D. Watusi getting things started at 6pm, and soul-jazz band The Coolin’ System will wrap things up after Turkeys play at 7pm.   Still wavering?  Bam, IT’S FREE!

The show is part of the 12South Concert Series, and is being curated by the good folks at Grimey’s records….. and, as the Cream reminds us, “various members of Turkeys probably won’t all be in town at the same time for a while, so catch ’em while you can.”

Get out and see some live music this weekend.

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