Get to know: WILD FLAG

Who is/was a fan of Sleater Kinney?  Are you one of the many of us that wondered what happened to them?  One of my favorite music bloggers, Chris from Gorilla versus Bear, hosts a two hour blog radio program on SiriusXMU radio, and he had vowed to play a Sleater-Kinney song every week until the band gets back together from their 2006 announced “indefinite hiatus”.

Well for Chris and the rest of the fans of Sleater Kinney and the girl grunge northwest 90’s rock scene, it’s probably not the reunion that you were thinking of, but two of the members from Sleater-Kinney (Carrie Brownstein & Janet Weiss) have teamed up with Mary Timony (formerly of Helium) and Rebecca Cole (formerly of The Minders) to form the supergroup called WILD FLAG.  Their coming out party was at the 2011 installment of South by Southwest.  The sound is reminiscent of that great mid 90’s indie rock that paved the way for so many artists today.  While slightly updated, it is something that is definitely worth having in the catalog.  NPR did a pretty good write up about the upcoming album and is offering a first listen.

A pretty good tour is scheduled this fall to support the new release, but no dates have been announced for Nashville.  Hopefully they will add one, otherwise, you will have to head to Athens, Birmingham, or Carrboro, NC to see them on this go around.

Click open the NPR player to get a first listen to the debut WILD FLAG LP due out on September 13th via Merge Records.

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