The Features on Kimmel

Nashville indie-rockers The Features played on Jimmy Kimmel last night, and you can watch that performance over at Nashville Cream.  The appearance is to support of their new LP, Wilderness (which released yesterday, 7/26).  It is also due to an increased awareness after some hyping by Nashville’s “we made it” rock band, Kings of Leon, who toured with them and signed them to their Serpents and Snakes label.

If you want to see The Features perform live around Nashville, they are going to be playing at Nashville Cream’s birthday party at Third Man Records on August 20th.  They are also having a record release party at Mercy Lounge on August 27th starting at 9pm.  So, there are two chances to see Nashville’s rock scene continue to grow up.

Here’s a little collection of music that you can check out before heading down to Grimey’s to buy some of their albums….

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