Bonnaroo Preview – The Head And The Heart

If you are planning to go to Bonnaroo (and care enough about music to have found this blog), I assume that everyone knows the first 10 to 15 lines on the bonnaroo artist lineup.  So, my intention here is to give you a number of daily blog posts heading up to the festival introducing you (and myself for some of them) to the “bands at the bottom of Bonnaroo”.  One of my favorite things to do at festivals is to avoid the huge crowds for the bands I’ve seen a dozen times, and to wander through the lesser known stages to find the gems of tomorrow.  Maybe we’ll bump into each other there!

So, The Head And The Heard….. Rolling Stone said it best in an interview….

To understand the overwhelming optimism of Seattle folk-rock band the Head and the Heart, just look at how they conquered Boise, Idaho. After their gorgeous, harmony-fueled ballads failed to win over a nightclub crowd, the six-piece set up at a nearby pizza place and played acoustically into the wee hours. The following morning, they played for free again at a farmers market. – Rolling Stone, 12 May 2011

The next show the Seattle 6-piece played in Boise was a completely different outlook….. the place was crowded with folks that heard what they were trying to do with all of that effort from each location.  It also helps that they know how to play a good relaxing style of music.  They are playing 12pm to 1pm on Sunday at The Other Tent.

Check out the Rolling Stone link to listen to their full album or the Bonnaroo link for additional bio information, a few songs, and stage lineups.  I’ve also included some additional video recordings from the KEXP Seattle.

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