No Country For New Nashville Podcast | Episode 8: CAPPA


In the latest edition of our No Country For New Nashville Podcast, we sat down with Carla Cappa, the local indie pop songstress (and site favorite) on the rise who recently rebranded herself as CAPPA, and is prepping to release a new EP this Tuesday, May 26, the same day she’s set to perform at our latest Acme Feed & Seed showcase.

Returning from an extended hiatus, episode eight marks our first podcast hosted by assistant editor Philip Obenschain. Don’t forget to check out previous episodes, helmed by Brad Wilson, featuring Brooke Waggoner, JT Daly of Paper Route, Vinyl ThiefCanon Blue, Ben Elkins of ELEL, John Davis of Superdrag and The Lees of Memory, and Alanna Royale. Episode eight is sponsored by local lifestyle brand DCXV Industries, with theme music from John Davis.

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Don’t Miss The Rentals w/ Rey Pila & Radiation City | TONIGHT @ Mercy Lounge


For the first time in right years, Matt Sharp-led The Rentals will return to Nashville, celebrating the release of their first album in 15 years (and third-full length overall) with a performance tonight, May 25 at Mercy Lounge with Rey Pila and Radiation City. Boasting something of a supergroup lineup in the studio these days (and not a shabby live band either), we can confidently say that the long running group are experiencing something of a second wind, and encourage you to grab tickets now to see their sure to be triumphant return to Music City. Read on for details!

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[Review + Photos] J Roddy Walston & The Business w/ Avers & The Black Cadillacs | 5.21.15 @ Exit/In

J Roddy Walston & The Business, Photo by Matt Cairns

J Roddy Walston & The Business
w/ Avers, The Black Cadillacs

Exit/In; Nashville, TN
May 21, 2015

Review by Jake Wyatt. Photos by Matt Cairns.

If you missed this show on Thursday night, you not only missed a chance to see three of the great rock ‘n roll bands of our day, but you also missed a chance to truly live the rock ‘n roll lifestyle. Switching your shift for the morning, or walking out early only to make enough money to buy your ticket and a couple brews at the show is worth every moment when bands like The Black Cadillacs, Avers, and J Roddy Walston & The Business are on the bill. We guaranteed you a great show and 20/20 hindsight says we underestimated how thrilling this was going to be. We understand living busy lives and trying to make ends meet. So if you could not make it, click below to get a glimpse.

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[REVIEW + PHOTOS] All Deeds Done, Aura, and Jennifer Sullivan | 5.19.15 @ Acme Feed & Seed


All Deeds Done, Aura, and Jennifer Sullivan
Acme Feed & Seed, Nashville, TN
May 19, 2015

Words by Jacob Ryan (@GonzoWithGusto). Photos by Jake Giles Netter

We would like to continue to welcome all of you reading this out there in Music City and beyond to Acme Feed & Seed every Tuesday night, for the weekly showcase from our live events wing, No Country Presents! This past Tuesday’s bill featured genre bending singer-song writer Jennifer Sullivan, powerful alt-rockers Aura, and indie pop up and comers All Deeds Done. Read on for a recap, and for some great shots from photographer Jake Giles Netter.

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Here Come The Mummies To Spook Up Marathon Music Works Halloween Bash


Rising from their crypts, and now back on tour; a one-of-a-kind, out of this world, super group, are planing a Music City stop. No, this post isn’t talking about the Rolling Stones, we’re talking about Here Come The Mummies announcing a show at Marathon Music Works on Halloween night! What surely started as a Halloween joke, or something goofy a group of musician friends did for kicks in the early ’00s, has proven to not just have legs, but kick fucking ass. A sometimes rotating line-up, of up to eleven musicians (none of which have ever been unmasked) blast mummified funk, rock and blues that is no laughing matter. We know they’re based in Nashville, possibly under contract studio musicians, who have to hide their identities to keep from the breaking the “rules,” but that’s about it. It’s also rumored that there are several grammy winners and possibly even a really high profile name or two, among the undead. Best part? You can download their entire catalog for free at their website.

We know it’s a long way out, but you better jump on this Marathon Music Works show for your Halloween hijinks, because we have a feeling it’s probably going to be one of the top bills in town. Explore HCTM more after the jump, and stay tuned to No Country for further details.

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