Listen to ELA Lindsey’s Introspective and Synthy Debut Single “Healing Me Slow”


Healing doesn’t always happen swiftly. Sometimes it can take years to heal the body, mind or spirit. Nashville pop artist ELA Lindsey makes a case for convalescence with her debut single “Healing Me Slow.” ELA Lindsey’s story of gradual healing rides a sonic wave of vulnerable lyrics, confident delivery and acrobatic synths. The repetition in the chorus is like a mantra for meditation, and the music space inserted throughout gives the listener room to soak it all in.

ELA Lindsey says, “I didn’t realize it at the time I wrote it, but ‘Healing Me Slow’ pretty much sums up my life. Because I had a traumatic childhood, and I’m human, I spent many years closed off, bitter, and hurt. I had to learn to open up, pursue healing for myself, and forgive. I feel more like myself now than I’ve ever felt. Healing can sometimes be quick, but for me, it’s taken time and that’s ok. Love heals, and that’s what this song is about.”

Prior to embarking on her artistic project, Gabriela Lindsey grew up in Florida and moved to Nashville in 2014. The 29-year-old only recently discovered her passion for creating music. With “Healing Me Slow,” Lindsey hopes to inspire other women that might be starting their artistic journeys at a point later in life than some unfair industry standard that prioritizes the under 25 set. “Age is just a number. Following my passion now, I hope that I can contribute something mature, pure, and full of energy… and maybe encourage everyone else discovering their dreams later in life that we’re not lost,” she explains. “I was a girl who didn’t believe in herself growing up and never had a dream before, and now I’m putting myself out there. Passion still matters, and you’ll find your way.”

Going forward, ELA Lindsey aims to keep growing via collaboration. ““I really want to keep collaborating with others and grow as a songwriter. My dream would be to do a full album. As far as this year, that may look like releasing a couple more singles… or who knows, maybe even a surprise EP! It really depends on the process of these songs.”

Listen to ELA Lindsey’s “Healing Me Slow” below, and be sure to catch her live tonight, May 24 at The High Watt‘s Wonder Women showcase, along with Kellie Besch, Anna Mae, and Chelsea Lankes. Read all about it right here.

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Watch Sarah Zanotti’s Cinematic Breakup Video for “Justify (I Hope You’re F*cked Up)”


In an ideal breakup, if there even is such a thing, both parties can step away and wish each other the best. That never happens, though. Embrace the petty, people! Nashville songwriter Sarah Zanotti hits this lane hard with her ballad “Justify (I hope ur f**ked up).” It’s a melodic meditation on being shut out and finding some comfort in that the other person should be miserable, too.

Zanotti’s emotive vocals and a brooding piano soundtracks the video for “Justify (I hope ur f**ked up).” Directed by James Seale and produced by Siobhan McMillen, the piece’s visuals focus on tight shots of Zanotti singing, flashback scenes from a relationship and a fiery ending. “As an actress, I really loved being able to bring my song to life in this femme fatale story,” Zanotti says. “When I wrote the song with my good friend Trina Harmon, we wanted to write a song that speaks to the addictive qualities that so many of us have and how we will justify any action in order to get love and feel wanted or even to stay invulnerable.”

After receiving her degree in songwriting from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Zanotti relocated to Nashville to develop her own personal sound. Coming up in 2018, Zanotti plans more visual collaborations with Seale. See how far the addictive need for love pushes her character in the video below.
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Nilka Learns How to Bounce Back in Gorgeous Pop Single “Strike”


One of the most powerful ways people can grow is to experience a fall before rebuilding themselves into something stronger. Nashville pop songwriter Nilka beautifully illustrates the process in new single “Strike.” Produced by Mick Utley, “Strike” shows off Nilka’s pristine vocals, a light reggae tempo and a strong resolve to bounce back when things get rough.

The Florida native moved to Nashville in 2014 to study at Belmont University. Nilka Bowman’s music career kicked off in 2017 with the release of the Year of the Escape EP. Followup single “Strike” ended up being inspired by a summer burnout. “Sometimes no matter how motivated we are to chase our dreams, it’s easy to get caught in the web of fears and doubts,” Nilka says. “The idea for this song came to me when I felt like my heart was trying to remind me that the highs and lows are normal and when times get low prepare for the sharp bounce back because it’s always stronger than it was before.”

“Strike” is the first of three singles Nilka is set to release this summer. Listen to to the track below, and stay tuned for more on Nashville’s burgeoning pop scene.

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New On Our Nashville Spotify Playlist: Anderson .Paak, R.LUM.R, Now, Now, nobigdyl, Beach Slang, & More


Our main goal at No Country is to share music from our favorite local artists and touring acts that hit Nashville. Now you can get straight to listening on our Nashville Spotify playlist.

Local music additions

“Emotion ft. Vindata” by R.LUM.R – Playing Bonnaroo on June 7
“Healing Me Slow” by ELA Lindsey – Playing The High Watt on May 24
“Strike” by Nilka
“Telephone” by Madeline James
“vital” by morgxn, BASECAMP
“I Don’t” by Natalie Madigan
“Don’t Run” by Charge The Atlantic
“Consider the Lillies” by Tayls
“Money to be Made” by Daisha McBride, Evan Dupri
“psycho heart!” by nobigdyl. – Playing Basement East on June 18
“Leave It Alone” by Amanda Shires – Playing Country Music Hall of Fame on May 25
“Juniper” by Katy Kirby – Playing The High Watt on May 25
“Life Is Confusing” by Langhorne Slim – Playing Ryman Auditorium on September 7
“One and the Same” by Sam Lewis

Touring artist additions

“‘Till It’s Over” by Anderson .Paak – Playing Bonnaroo on June 9
“Do U Wrong (feat. Syd)” by Leven Kali – Playing Bonnaroo on June 8
“MJ” by Now, Now – Playing Exit/In on July 18
“White Jeans” by SALES – Playing The High Watt on July 28
“Warpaint (Quiet Slang)” by Beach Slang – Playing The High Watt on July 5

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New On Our Nashville Spotify Playlist: LUCAS, Iceage, Lo, Brandy Zdan, Rayland Baxter, Bishop Briggs, & More


Our main goal at No Country is to share music from our favorite local artists and touring acts that hit Nashville. Now you can get straight to listening on our Nashville Spotify playlist.

Local music additions

“Anne Marie” by LUCAS
“Casanova” by Rayland Baxter – Playing Bonnaroo on June 8
“Get to You” by Brandy Zdan – Playing Grimey’s on May 18
“Drumline” by Lo
“Little Taste” by Xandra Lee – Playing OZ Arts on May 17
“Constellate” by Fleurie
“Small Talk” by The New Schematics – Playing Mercy Lounge on July 28
“Hell” by MESSYAH – Playing Mercy Lounge on May 21
“Anatomy” by Lauren McClinton – Playing Analog on May 19
“What You Really Wanted (feat. Molly Parden) ” by Reuben Bidez – Playing The Basement on May 23
“Blossom & Bone” by Ellie Schmidly
“Always Young” by HalfNoise

Touring artist additions

“Almost Had To Start A Fight / In and Out of Patience” by Parquet Courts – Playing Basement East on June 3
“Pain Killer (feat. Sky Ferreira)” by Iceage – Playing Mercy Lounge on May 21
“White Flag” by Bishop Briggs – Playing Marathon Music Works on May 30
“Without Applause” by Horse Feathers – Playing The High Watt on May 30

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