Stream Poema’s Brand New EP ‘Pretty Speeches’


Nashville transplants Poema released their new EP, Pretty Speeches, to much indie attention on Friday, July 10 (global record release day is now Friday, in case you haven’t heard!). It’s much more than a complicated relationship album. Their sound is far and away more produced and polished in the best way; think the Haim sensibilities and harmonies meet a pretty Colbie Caillat-style voice and sleepy reverb over perfectly stripped-down mood music. Pretty Speeches will be your new poolside layout album. Each song has a different style, but each continue the relaxed, beach ambience (like their new single “Forget You in LA”). Don’t worry, they keep their surprising trills and meaningful lyrics, but this time the lyrics are more centered on nuanced moments during travel and with exciting, confusing relationships. Want to reminisce on wild, past(/present) loves while basking in the afternoon glow? Check out Poema’s new, matured sound below.

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