[ALBUM REVIEW] Nashville’s Experimental Collaboration Body of Light EP Up On Bandcamp


Local experimental group Body of Light play spiritually-driven alternative dance and pop rock. Twin brothers Mitch and Mike Kluge pull styles from space rock, soul music, synth and a range of samples to create an orchestral mix of psychedelic dance music. Their self-titled EP came out in August on Bandcamp.com with a killer EP release party at Boheme Collectif. The EP features local musicians Crystal Wood, Carter Routh, Sarah Sharp and Joe Kennerly. The EP is characterized by rapid percussion, ranging guitar and keyboard melodies and eerie harmonies. If you’re into bands like Animal Collective, Moby and LCD Soundsystem, then jump to the full article and listen to the EP.

“Where You Belong” experiments with electronic and anthemic pop rock. The instrumental melodies and percussion expand and crescendo throughout the song while the vocals keep a steady, serene melody. The harmonies are like a hymnal choir and create a spiritual tone that recurs throughout the album.

“Somebody Else” plays more on the alternative dance side. Lightly fuzzed guitar and lo fi vocals play over rapid percussion. Electric piano, bass and samples give the track a fun dance rhythm. Lyrical homage to Buddhist philosopher Alan Watts ties the song to the album’s spiritual theme.

“Night Time” is an ethereal track with airy vocals on layers of instrumental rock. The track plays rapid percussion and ranging guitar and electric piano melodies. The brevity of the lyrics highlight a very neat, complex instrumental composition.

“No Surprise” is sliced up alternative math rock and electronic pop. The choppy vocals and brisk percussion are energetic and trippy while the guitar melody, synth and keyboards are mellow and dreamy.

From the energetic and dreamy “No Suprise” comes heavier prog rock ballad “Never Did”. This track is significantly stripped compared to the rest of the album. A slow kick drum starts followed with fuzzy guitar played under electronically manipulated slow soul harmonies.

“When You Become” slides back to the album’s overall upbeat rhythm and spiritual poetry. The lyrics express spiritual Zen with nature through sliced electric harmonies over experimental pop rock.

The stripped instrumental of “Eye of Phantom” highlights complex vocal melodies. The vocals come in series, overlapping each other. It’s like a trippy “Row Row Row Your Boat” that swells and descends at varying intensity.

Similarly to “Never Did”, the final track “Bestow” is a heavier track but with a simpler instrumental composition. “Bestow” starts off anthemic and dreamy but transitions into a harder prog rock jam.

Learn more from Body of Light Bandcamp | Soundcloud

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