Natural Blonde Debuts Music Video Shot Entirely on Vine


Nashville’s Natural Blonde has just released their first music video, for the track “30th Street,” and it was made in a pretty unique way. The video, filmed last week in Boston, is shot entirely using the 6-second social video app Vine. According the band, it started as “an in the moment experiment… that turned into a day long walk through Boston.”

Natural Blonde is the musical vehicle of DCXV/”I Believe in Nashville”/Nashville Pioneers mastermind Adrien Saporiti. The rest of the group is filled out by Saporiti’s touring and session musician friends. Their debut EP, Young Man/Young Woman, which was recorded at Russ Long’s studio and features mixing by Ron “Snake” Reynolds, was recently released.

We really dig both the EP and this video. We’re sure fans of groups like Ryan Adams, Wilco, and Spoon will agree! After the jump, check out both Young Man/Young Woman and the brand new video for “30th Street:”

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