J. Roddy Walston & The Business, 12th and Porter, 10/8

If you aren’t a fan of J. Roddy Walston & The Business, then you are probably getting tired of hearing me talk about them.  I was excited about them before Bonnaroo, and then they thoroughly blew me away during their set at Bonnaroo.  I was so excited that I started stalking them, and found out they were going to be at the Lebowski Festival in Louisville.  Well, let’s just say that you hate loud, hot, dirty festivals and/or you couldn’t care less about hanging out with a bunch of White Russian drunks that over-obsess about movies…. now, is your chance to see one of the most fun acts in rock n’ roll tear it up in Nashville.

J. Roddy Walston & The Business are playing at Nashville’s iconic 12th & Porter (which was listed in Rolling Stone’s write-up about Nashville’s Red Hot Music Scene) on October 8th at 8 pm.  Tickets are available here.  This is a do-not-miss show.  This is how serious I am about it.

Me: “Clear your calendar.  J. Roddy is playing 12th and Porter on October 8th”
My buddy: “Dammit.  That’s my wife’s birthday.”
Me: “Like I said, clear your calendar!”

Delicate Steve, The Basement, July 22

Delicate Steve (a.k.a. Steve Marion) is an enigma who is described in his press release as a 40 piece multi-instumentalist, who sounds like My Bloody Valentine without the guitars, and is destined to be a wordless, new jersey, U2.  NPR did a great story about unraveling the truly hysterical and totally fake press release (it is at the bottom of that NPR link above), that is well worth your lunch time or coffee reading.

So, we don’t really know too much about Delicate Steve.  I think he is from New Jersey.  I think he self recorded his only LP, Wondervisions.  I think he brought in four of his friends to tour with.

I do know that the press release got some record jockey somewhere to play the record, and I ultimately bought this record.  Should I pissed about that?  Maybe, but it’s all cool because I like the record (I would probably have a different rant otherwise).  So, would I describe it as a wordless, New Jersey, U2?  Probably not without a gun to my head.  But, that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a good time out.  It’s a good instrumental rock album.

Head out to The Basement on Friday, July 22nd to see what you think.  Tickets are $10 and the show starts at 9pm.

There are a few tracks below and a video for the track “Butterfly” below.

Way to drop a 4:20 bomb!!!

So, FILTER, Mercy Lounge, Cannery Ballroom, and Toyota (I think they are in there too), just dropped a free concert announcement bomb.  Saturday, August 20th from 6pm to midnight, you can head over to the parking lot outside Mercy/Cannery for free (let me repeat that last part, FREE) for a block party featuring Delta Spirit, The Greenhornes, Surfer Blood, and Turbo Fruits.

All you have to do is RSVP at this link.  Go ahead and RSVP, and I’ll write up some more about these bands tomorrow.

Damn, I wonder how the folks at the Nashville Cream feel since their birthday party (announced just a couple of days ago) is on the same night down the street at Third Man.

Here’s the promo poster.

Bobby Bare Jr’s Nashville house party on July 23

Bobby Bare Jr. is a staple of awesome music for many of us in the Nashville area.  Yes, he is the son of Bobby Bare, but the music is definitely his own.  Steeped in musical tradition having grown up in nearby Hendersonville, BBJr’s musical influence can be attributed to his neighbors (George Jones and Tammy Wynette), as well as his father’s influence.  The father and son duo were nominated for a grammy when BBJr was only six years old for a cover of the Shel Silverstein song “Daddy What If”.  Since then, father and son took separate paths, and BBJr is certainly a focal point in Nashville’s vibrant music scene.

He has released albums with his group, Bare Jr., with his second group, The Young Criminal Starvation League, and solo.  He is the executive producer of an album of Shel Silverstein songs “Twistable, Turnable Man” which features BBJr along with acts like My Morning Jacket, John Prine, and Dr. Dog.  Recently, Bobby headlined a Pixies cover act in Nashville called Is She Weird, Is She White?.

BBJr has an extensive touring history with acts like Andrew Bird, The Black Crowes, The Decemberists, Bob Dylan, Dr. Dog, and Aerosmith.  Lately, he has been touring the country in a string of “house parties”.  His latest house party will be in Nashville on July 23rd.  Here’s the catch with the house party.  You have to buy the tickets and then you get an email with the location prior to the night of the show.  It is a sensation that lots of artists are working with these days (I plan to write a post about house party touring bands in the future, so check back).

I can’t say that BBJr had any direct influence on my decision to move to Nashville, but, when I was visiting last year, it was a BBJr show at the Basement that got me excited about the different music scene that Nashville has to offer.

Click here to buy tickets to the house party in Nashville.  You can also click here to download a copy of his new EP (either for a donation or for the cost of an email address).  You can also check out his 2009 and 2011 Daytrotter sessions here.  Also, there are a couple of tracks below that you can check out.

Get out there and see some music, and meet some people while you’re at it.

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The Zoltars, Free at Grimey’s, 6pm, July 20

Austin-based rock band The Zoltars are on their first tour right now, and they will be in Nashville today (7/20) playing FOR FREE at Grimey’s Record Store at 6pm.  These guys are another perfect example of the psychadelic rock that is brewing out of Texas these days.

What else do you have to do after work?  I mean, either you go to the gym and hate life, or you go to a killer local record shop to hear some cool, free music.  Your choice.

Here a video of their song “You Try” below to get you acquainted.

[youtube_sc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYo2SK8ogCo&w=425&h=349]