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The Voice Project has been getting quite a bit of publicity recently and for good reason.  This is such an awesome idea.  One artist plays a cover of another artist, and then the covered artist has to cover another artist, and so on…. This online video series raises money and awareness for women in Uganda and the peace movement in this war-torn area of Africa.  It is an amazing series, and an even more amazing cause.  The most recent video posted is The Low Anthem covering Phosphorescent’s Mermaid Parade.  Keep looking through the archives and you will find Billy Bragg covering Joanna Newsome, and one of the longest threads Ben Sollee covering Joan as Police Woman covering Broken Social Scene covering Modest Mouse…..

You can lose a day watching all these amazing videos.  Check out the Peter Gabriel covering Tom Waits’ In The Neighborhood for a really nice introduction (after he answers a phone call) about how important music is to the Ugandan women’s movement, and his take on why this style of raising awareness is even more poignant.

I am not going to post embedded videos for this one, because I would prefer that everyone go right to the Voice Project website to give them more publicity and support.

Freaking Awesome!  It is also a good chance to for you to continue to get to know Bonnaroo artists.  There are a number of them from this and past years who made videos for this cause.


  1. um, dj spooky, radiohead, and a cellist? how is it that this isn’t mentioned?

  2. and to boot, spooky is on an ipad.


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