Neulore w/ Caleb & Aaron Krause, 12th & Porter, Sun July 29 8pm

Our contributor Dayna Duncan has laid out her pick for your Sunday night.  Give it a read, and get out to see some live music this weekend.

I’ve been a solid, borderline hardcore fan (but not in a creepy way…I promise) of Neulore since seeing them live last year. I don’t like to pass up opportunities to see them whenever they grace a stage. Neulore have wonderful vibe about them…and by vibe I mean smooth, melodic, sincere, graceful, yet gritty, and beautiful. Adam Agin garners a pure and truthful vocal, while the overall sound is something reminiscent of the folk tunes of olden days and the new world combined. You’d be hard-pressed to find a band so welcoming live or in album form. As I classically say (ok…always…I get it), “Do yourself a favor!” I say so because I MEAN IT! So…drop what you’re doing and get tickets HERE!

Joining them at 12th and Porter is the equally wonderful Caleb and opener Aaron Krause. So, the line-up is stellar and I’m sorry, did I mention the tickets are only 5 BUCKS? I didn’t? I JUST DID. Boom.


Hoobastank w/ Stellar Revival TOMORROW @ Exit/In 7pm

Maybe it’s because yesterday was my 27th birthday and I’m hitting my “oh my God, I’m almost 30” freak-out moment;  but regardless of the reason, when hearing that Hoobastank was coming to town, boy oh boy did my high school memories come flying back. Like, super speed flying! Flooding the catacombs of my angsty “hate my parents,” “plaid-shirt and baggy jeans wearing” teenage mind…all over again! I still picture Doug Robb’s shirtless body in the music video for “Crawling in the Dark” and driving around with my then high-school boyfriend as we went to the…mall. Ok, face it, you all had nowhere else to go but the mall either! Age 16 was tough. But at least I drove, suckas!

Anyways, back to HOOBASTANK! If you are like me and totally still sneak their music into your workout playlist, or sing your weary hearts out to “The Reason” when it comes on the radio, then you, like me, will not be missing out on this rare and oh-so-wonderful show at Exit/In tomorrow. Get your tickets beforehand, because I have a feeling I’m not the only one who did a happy dance with the news of the show.

Do it. OR ELSE, YOU FREAKIN’ BUTTWODS. (That’s my attempt to channel the 16-year old me. I failed…miserably. But you get my point. Maybe. Whatever….)



Tonight! Celebration for Pearl: Jeremy Lister, Leigh Nash, Griffin House, & Sandra McCracken at Marathon Music Works

I’m sorry…did someone say awesome lineup? Because, if they didn’t, I totally will! Tonight at Marathon Music Works is a special benefit show featuring Jeremy Lister, Leigh Nash, Sandra McCracken, and Griffin House; all powerhouse songwriters and performers! This is sure to be a wonderful night of music it’s also for a good cause. The Celebration for Pearl has a suggested $10 donation at the door, so don’t miss out! For real. You should not miss this one. Jeremy’s vocals are some of the best in the business and when these singer/songwriters all gather together, you can be sure to expect smooth  and sultry musical tastiness, and more than likely some last-minute surprise special guests.

Don’t believe me? Here is my all-time favorite Jeremy Lister (some may know him from The Sing-Off) songs, “The Bed You Made.” Vocals that could melt the butter off of any…any…piece of toast? Ok…ok…fail. Got it. Regardless, do yourself a favor and listen, and go to this stellar show![youtube_sc]

Old Crow Medicine Show, Live at The Opry, Friday July 6.

First and foremost…congrats to the Medicine Show guys for the opportunity to play the Opry! This is surely a big deal and I, for one, could not be more pleased. I’ve been a fan for years of Old Crow Medicine Show, and I am all smiles when I see or hear their music. If you still haven’t bought your tickets to see O.C.M.S. as the Guest Artist at the Grand Ole Opry, you can do so here. But, if you cannot make it out Friday July 6th, don’t fret…for they will return shortly!

A lot of you are surely not too familiar with The Woods Amphitheater at Fontanel yet. I just saw Idena Menzel with the Nashville Symphony there. They will be playing there Saturday July 28! It’s outside, it’s gorgeous, it’s just plain cool. It’s literally the perfect venue to house a bluegrass, acoustic, throwback, rockabilly band like O.C.M.S. It truly will be a fun night!

Great music, great venue, great everything! Old Crow Medicine Show have this old-timey sound that makes you wish you were back in the mountains of early America drinking moonshine and dancing like a fool…but in the same beat, are so forward with their style. It’s so fun! They are reaching huge new heights with their success and I wish them all the best. Please do yourself a favor and check them out. They are unreal live…because I believe that all acoustic bluegrass/folk bands like this (take other examples like my favorites, “The Avett Brothers”) are one thing recorded, but EVERYTHING live in person. I cannot wait!


Lightning 100 presents…Independence Rocks, Tuesday July 3rd

I’m super stoked to announce something super cool that Lightning 100 is putting on tomorrow, Tuesday July 3rd. It’s their first ever Independence Rocks show featuring 5 of our favorite bands! You don’t want to miss this…and since most of us have July 4th off of work, why not spend a free evening enjoying music,  celebrating our nation’s freedom, Lightning 100’s 22 years of independent radio, and some casual (or not so casual) drinking! Huzzah!

Moon Taxi, The Apache Relay, and special guests Elenowen, Humming House, and DJ Cherub round out this sure-to-be amazing night. Just get your freedom-lovin’ booties to the outdoor stage at the Tin Roof-Nashville. You can buy the $10.00 tickets at the Lightning 100 website.