No Country in a Nutshell: The Weekly Recap | 1.28-2.3

January flew by, huh? It was easily the best month our site has ever experienced, and February is already looking even better! We can’t thank you all enough for reading, sharing, and visiting the site! We’ve got a lot on the agenda coming up, so keep an eye out for even more new features and announcements!

As we enter February, he’s a recap of everything we covered in the final week of January:

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Ty Segall w/ Ex-Cult, Tonight @ The End!

Ty Segall is a busy guy. In 2012 alone, he released three studio albums: Twins (as Ty Segall), Salughterhouse (as Ty Segall Band), and Hair (a split with White Fence). All quite different, all lauded by critics and fans. In just the past five years, he’s released over a dozen albums, even more EPs, live albums, compilations, and contributed to other artists’ projects both live and in the studio. Segall’s from California, but sometimes it’s hard to forget he’s not a Nashville local. It’s not that he has any specific association with the city, or even that he plays here all that frequently (he makes sure to grace us with his presence at least a couple of times of year). No, it’s more like Ty Segall is indie rock’s Kevin Bacon: everyone in the scene could be traced to him in six degrees of separation or less. It just feels like Segall should be counted among Nashville artists because he has so many friends and peers in our scene (and he makes music we’d love to claim).



With such a prolific output, you’d expect Segall to slip up and put out something bad, or perhaps even mediocre, every once in awhile. Not only does Ty manage to never release a bad album, but he also never releases the same album twice. Depending on the year and the name of the project, he’s slipped between hard rock, indie rock, psychedelic, lo-fi, and more straightforward rock and roll. He can be abstract just as easily as he can be earnest. Segall last performed in Nashville back in September, to a packed room at the old Zombie Shop. Now is the perfect time to see such an artist: he’s got the back catalogue to make every show interesting and different, he’s got the incredible performance chops, he’s never been more artistically relevant or critically praised, yet he’s still floating just below the mainstream radar enough that you can catch him at fun, intimate venues like The End, where his sound is so perfectly fitting.

Opening group Ex-Cult‘s debut album was produced by Ty Segall (see what I mean about the “Six Degrees of Ty Segall” thing?) and it’s amazing. The band’s sound also bears a lot of the same influences as Segall (well, some sides of Segall), but is distinctly engaging and original in its own right. Ex-Cult’s energetic, lo-fi garage rock is perfectly matched to set the tone for what might just be the best Nashville show of January so far! Don’t miss it!

Ty Segall and Ex-Cult (and possibly another opener) are playing TONIGHT at The End. Things kick off at 9PM and you can still snag tickets here.

Thursday Night In Nashville…

Do you want to jam with thousands of your friends for free in the park, or do you want to rock with with an equally impressive crowd at a bar?  Here’s your lineup for tonight… just get out to see some live music!

You can get out to Public Square Park tonight to party with the North Mississippi All-Stars, Missing Cats Featuring John “JoJo” Hermann & Sherman Ewing, & Roots of a Rebellion for another episode of Live On The Green.  For those of you that don’t know North Mississippi All-Stars, then you don’t know some serious jams.  I still remember watching them at the 2002 Bonnaroo superjam, and thinking that I am going to see a lot more of them in my lifetime, and that is exactly what I have done.  Have a listen to “Keep The Devil Down” below to see what I’m talking about.  You can also check out Nashville’s Roots of Rebellion to start things off, and, if you don’t know Missing Cats, then you should head over to check out Break On A Cloud’s interview with them.  You can check out more information about Live On The Green here.  Things get started around 5pm, and it is FREE!

If you are needing more rock than jamming, then you should definitely head out to The Zombie Shop for Nashville’s Dead’s birthday party where San Francisco rockers meet up with Nashville Rockers.  The headliners are the west coasters The Oh Sees & Ty Segall.  Nashville additions include Ex-Cult, Useless Eaters, D. Watusi, & Gnarwhal.  You can check out the video for Ty Segall’s newest video “The Hill” below from his upcoming release Twins due out on October 9th.  You can also check out the debut record, Dark Party, from Nashville’s D.Watusi.  This is going to be a hell of a party, so, don’t miss out, if it’s your thing.  Things get started around 9pm, and will surely go late.  You can grab those tickets here.

Nashville’s Dead Birthday w/ Ty Segall & Thee Oh Sees

The always rockin’ folks over at Nashville’s Dead announced their 3rd birthday party on September 20th with rapidly becoming a Nashville regular Ty Segall, but the real news here is the first Nashville show for the Thee Oh Sees.  There are more to come for what is sure to be a rocking ass night at Nashville’s Zombie Shop.

Head over to their website for the official announcement.   We’ll update you and preview the show as the time approaches, but you should go ahead and mark your calendar for a solid night of rock ‘n roll in Nashville.

Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, & Nashville Faves, Exit/In, Tonight In Nashville

With all the buzz about Soundland (not to mention, Ray Lamontagne soothing the ears of Opry House goers tonight), I think it is time to kick it up a notch to talk about what might actually be the best show happening tonight in Nashville.  You knew you were going out tonight when you woke up this morning.  So, now I’m telling you what you should do tonight in Nashville.  Don’t worry, your SoundLand wristband will still work for the rest of the weekend, and you can probably still catch the headliners at Exit/In if you are still awake after Ray Lamontagne.

San Francisco rocker Ty Segall is coming to Nashville tonight.  He is known for his work with Epsilons, The Traditional Fools, and Sic Alps, and his solo project is just another of the numerous buzz bands coming out of the Bay Area right now.  It is certainly an act to see live.  I wrote not to long ago that his set at Outside Lands was one of my highlights of that festival.  There’s nothing new, or even under the radar, about what he is doing…. the, all-popular right now, revival of the 90′s grunge sound.  It’s the way Ty and company do it that sets them apart.  It’s an effortless control of music and vocals, all while kicking you in the pants with powerful licks.  His 2010 album, Melted, got him tagged in “Best of Lists” by the likes of Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and Spin.  He is currently touring in support of his 2011 release, Goodbye Bread.

One of Ty Segall’s long-time collaborators Mikal Cronin will open for him.  His debut self-titled album, which released yesterday, is on a plethora of Notable New Release lists (including ours).  You can read a good write up by SF Weekly on Mikal (pronounced Michael) here.

The whole thing gets started with sets by local faves D. Watusi and Heavy Cream (both of which we discussed yesterday) and local supergroup Slammers.

The show starts at 8pm, and tickets are freaking $6!!!  I’ve attached a player for Ty Segall, here’s a link to Mikal Cronin’s bandcamp page (definitely check this out), and some YouTubers for Heavy Cream, D. Watusi, and Slammers.  It’s sounds like a bad ass rock show, so, if you need something a bit more powerful than Lamontagne and M. Ward…. you have just found what you want to do tonight in Nashville.

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Heavy Cream "Watusi"

D. Watusi "High School Baby"

Slammers "Backseat Driver"