New On Our Nashville Spotify Playlist: Music Band, Becca Mancari, Charlotte Sands, Jared Minnix, $avvy, Mike Floss, & More


Our main goal at No Country is to share music from our favorite local artists and touring acts that hit Nashville. Now you can get straight to listening on our Nashville Spotify playlist.

Local music additions

“Over & Over” by Music Band
“Brick” by Fever Blush
“Sweet Heet” by Quichenight
“Hunter” by Becca Mancari
“Think About It” by Mary Bragg
“Honest” by Caroline Culver
“Nothing’s Even Wrong” by Charlotte Sands
“Make It Out Alive” by Tapawingo
“Slow Down” by Jared Minnix
“Do It For Myself” by Super Duper
“rise” by Jon Santana
“Bag/Purse” by $avvy, Mike Floss
“Don’t Walk Away” by Lisa Goe
“Origami” by Lo Lind
“Learning to Live Again” by Daniel Saint Black
“LMK” by Mad Welsley
“It’s the End of the World As We Know It” by REMMI
“Hillbilly Spiritual” by Lawndry

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Waterfall Wash Celebrate Their New EP w/ Sad Baxter & Lawndry | Saturday, April 1 @ The High Watt


More than two years after the release of their debut EP, Foreign Chords, eclectic local rockers and longtime fiends of the site Waterfall Wash have finally debuted their followup, a new EP called Become What You See, which arrived today, March 31. We’ve had the pleasure of watching the buzzy local group morph from a folk-tinged, poppy, alt rock early sound to the slicker, synthier, ambient, and indie leaning style that characterizes their latest, which is stuffed with layered melodies, huge hooks, high energy, and the most refined songwriting from the group to date.

In celebration of their latest, Waterfall Wash will host a release show this Saturday, April 1 at The High Watt, and they’ve tapped some other locals acts we love- sludge pop duo Sad Baxter and rising, genre-bending low-key indie rockers Lawndry– to support! $7 gets you in, but for $10 you’ll also receive a copy of the EP with your ticket, and both options are still available right here! If you’ve never seen Waterfall Wash, or haven’t checked in on them in awhile, they’re an absolute must-see local artist, and the long-awaited arrival of some amazing new music is one hell of a reason to celebrate!

Waterfall Wash, Sad Baxter, and Lawndry will perform Saturday, April 1 at The High Watt. The show is 18+, begins at 9 p.m. (doors at 8 p.m.), and tickets are available to purchase for $7, or $10 with a copy of the band’s new EP, here.

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We Chat With Lasso Spells Ahead Of Their “High Noon” Event Tonight @ Mercy Lounge


After thoroughly enjoying them during an installment of our No Country Presents showcase at Acme last summer, we’ve been following local psych/Americana rockers Lasso Spells intently (we even helped them release their first ever music video late last year). Over casual beers, we recently chatted with Brett Dudash, one half of the nucleus of Lasso Spells, about the show his band is curating tonight at Mercy Lounge. They’re calling the event “High Noon”, and it will feature five other local groups we dig, like Lawndry, The Jag, Okey Dokey, The Minks and Black Venus. In a genuine effort to get as many of you there as possible, they’ve managed to keep the entry at a ridiculously low $3, so make sure you check it out! To learn more about the format–which will also feature a DJ between sets and some killer psych inspired lights–read on for a full interview, and we hope to see you at Mercy tonight.

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[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Lawndry Premieres “Stoned Lonesome” Ahead Of Debut EP


New band alert!  Lawndry (formed from members of Sudonistas, Bad Cop, and Ascent Of Everest) recently pinged our radar with an advance listen of their upcoming self-titled debut EP, which is set to release on Feb. 25.  If you are into laid back guitar driven indie rock, then you are going to be all over the first single to drop from that effort titled “Stoned Lonesome.”

The band shared a metaphysical biography with us that discusses the place that music holds within their ethos, and even closed it out quoting the great Leonard Cohen’s “The Traitor.”

If this is Music City, why not have more music? After all, in these strange times on this dying planet, music is still the way that we allow strangers to enter our brains (and if we’re wearing headphones, these strangers get very close to our brains indeed). Even if these voices and sounds are to be swept away in the rising seas, Lawndry is pleased to contribute to the exchange of ideas happening now in Nashville and beyond. If this sounds too dreamy, then consider Leonard Cohen, who sang, “the dreamers ride against the men of action, oh see the men of action falling back.”

The band followed that up telling us, “In a nice coincidence, “Stoned Lonesome” happens to share the same key (C) as the gravitational waves that scientists discovered a century after Einstein made the prediction.”

Wrap your mind around all of that, while you immerse yourself in the delicious debut single below.

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