Tonight In Nashville

How was your weekend?  Did you party like the world was running out of booze?  Did you get out to see some music?  Did you wonder why Dustin Wong spent the majority of his set on his knees making it seem like his music was just a soundtrack that was playing through the Marathon Music Works speakers?  Did Beach House blow your mind?  Did you get all vibey at the Washed Out show?  Did you watch football?  Did your team lose?

It’s another week, so you can put all of that behind you.  Tristen is playing at the High Watt stage at Mercy Lounge tonight along with the Henry Clay People and No Regrets Coyote.  That gets started around 9pm, and tickets are $7.  You can have a listen to “Avalanche” below.

Happy Salmon Productions is putting on an 8 off 8th tonight for free over at Mercy Lounge.  The lineup includes The Wans, Nahnee Bori, The Gills, Oklahoma Outfit, JAG, Buffalo Rodeo, Charlie Abbott Band & more.  Things get started at 9pm, and you can have a listen to The Wans excellent “Want You” below.

You also have Joy Of Painting w/ Get Togethers, Subnovas and Montezuma Fire Machine happening over at The Basement tonight.  Tickets for that one are $5, and that party gets started around 9pm.  You can have a listen to Joy Of Painting’s new single “Charades” below.

This Weekend In Nashville – Labor Day 2012

Things get really busy for the first two nights, and then you get a couple of holidays to rest. Have a look below to check out our picks of the best shows of this weekend. Have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend, and get out to see some live music.


Joy of Painting just released a new single “Charades” from their upcoming record that is due out later this year. You can check that out below, and surely hear it live at The End on Friday night. Opening acts include Echo Group, Self Help, & The Dead Towns who are also included in that player below. Things get started after 9pm, and you can grab tickets here.

Nikki Lane w/ Justin & The Cosmics and Hughbob and the Hustle take over The Basement on Friday night for a slightly twangier style of evening entertainment. We haven’t heard anything new out of Nikki in a while, but you can check out “Gone, Gone, Gone” off her 2011 record of the same name. Things get started around 9pm, and tickets are available at the door for $7.


Zombieshop is offering up The Lonely Biscuits, Omega Swan, Blackbear and R∆Chel. The Lonely Biscuits are an interesting mix of soul, funk, and hip/hop, while Omega Swan has a sort of vibe similar to maybe a funkier 311. You can see what I mean with The Lonely Biscuits “Sauced” and Omega Swan’s “This Shell Of Mine” below. Things get started around 9pm, and tickets can’t be more than $5.


If you need more of a dance party, then you should head over to 12th & Porter for Lacey, Meth Dad Megaband, Ugly Kids Club, Coin, Wild Cub (DJ), Five Knives (DJ). This is a very solid line up if only for the DJ sets alone. I think you’ll definitely enjoy the fun dance styles of Meth Dad Megaband too. You can check out “Stay Posi” below. Show starts at 9pm and tickets are $6.


I spent a good portion of my college days smoking weed and listening to the worldly inspired drum mastery of Mickey Hart. A lot of you probably did (or still do) that too. If so, pack your one-hitter and roll down to Cannery Ballroom to relive those glory wake and bake days. Hell, why don’t you just pack a bowl right now, and zone into this video from their set in Brooklyn last year.




Musicians Corner gets started this weekend in Centennial Park with The Blind Boys of Alabama, Karen Elson, Nashville Symphony Quartet, & Jeremy Lister. An acoustic stage set up gets things started with Anthony Snape, The Carmonas, and Chelsea Gill. This is FREE entertainment, and runs from about 3pm to 6pm. You can check out Karen Elson’s bad-ass contribution of “Gold Dust Woman” to that Beck produced tribute to Fleetwood Mac that released a couple of weeks ago.


Heypenny, Among Savages, Tyler James and The Cards are bringing the pop sounds over to Mercy Lounge on Friday night. I’ve spent a lot more time with Heypenny lately, and there is a reason they are playing the Mercy stage on a Saturday night. If you haven’t already, you should get out to see them. Check out their track for “Mr. Miller” below. Things get started around 9pm, and the best part about this show… IT’S FREE!!!!!

Weekend Jimmy and the Easy Party w/Brandon Jazz and His Armed Forces are playing The Basement on Saturday. I’ve seen Brandon Jazz and Co. before, and it is a lot of fun. I’m wondering if more of Nashville caught on after their opening set for the B-52’s at The Ryman last week. Regardless, here’s a really fun video of Brandon Jazz’s “Deal With It” below. Things get started at 9pm, and tickets are $5.



If you want to party all night long, then you can head down to the Antioch house party for music and FREE BEER with JAG, The Kingston Springs, & Ice Cream. The Facebook event page for that one here. Rumor has it this one is going all night long. There’s nothing more embarrassing than a 10am DUI though, so be careful.



Joy of Painting gets a viral slap

Remember us telling you about that new Nashville outfit called Joy of Painting?  Well, they are releasing a video montage today that was promised to fans when the group tweeted on January 12th, “For every person who retweets this, I will slap my roommate @Garrettthomson in the face. Youtube montage of the slaps to follow…#asterisk.”

It’s hit 160 retweets to date, and the rosy cheeks are very evident that there has been a lot of slapping going on.  I’m pretty sure they just decided to get it out of the way before it went even more viral.  Watch the hysterical video below.  It’s set to the song “No Bones” from their February release Asterisk. You can still listen to that record here.

Happy Monday…

8 off 8th is moving over to the High Watt tonight!

Have you checked out the 8 off 8th showcase of up and coming bands in Nashville?  It’s a lot of fun, and mixes the night up with each band performing only three songs each.  This party is normally held in Mercy Lounge, but tonight they are going to slide it over to the even more intimate High Watt stage (it’s in the same building).

Tonight includes performances by Phantom Farmer, The Joy of Painting, Dogs of OZ, Hot Mess, Echo Group, Robert Chisolm, Josh Foster, & The Gills.   I’ve tried to attach some players from each of tonight’s bands after the jump.  Things get started around 9pm, and it is FREE!  Get out and see some live music.