[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Pop Newcomer GAYLE Embraces Vulnerability in Debut Music Video, “dumbass”


Anyone dialed into the local pop scene knows that Nashville is awash with exciting artists. And though, while it’s true that most new local pop we come across is, at the very least, very good or even excellent, it’s much more seldom that we encounter a young artist who is, without a doubt, so clearly poised to break out in a major way. Which is why we’re so thrilled to discover GAYLE, a talented 15-year-old pop singer whose debut single (or at least, her debut under this moniker and musical aesthetic) “dumbass” arrived last week, and has been dominating our playlists (and impressively amassing buzz, swiftly clearing over 100,000 streams on Spotify) ever since.

It’s already abundantly clear that GAYLE has the talent, the drive, and sound to become a major fixture in the Nashville pop scene and beyond, and, today, we’re so excited to bring you an exclusive premiere of her debut music video for “dumbass”!

Hailing originally from the Dallas area, GAYLE feel in love with soul and r&b legends like Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone at an incredibly young age thanks to her mother, resolving to hone her voice and pursue a career in music which would manifest in songwriting sessions and performances, eventually leading the family to regularly venture to Nashville. By the time she was 12, and, remarkably, gigging more than many aspiring adult musicians, GAYLE managed to persuade her family to make the move to Music City full-time.

Plugging into the local songwriter scene, finding her tribe of likeminded performers, and, by happenstance, catching the attention of legendary pop songwriter and publisher Kara DioGuardi, who’s since helped guide GAYLE’s career and signed her to her own Arthouse Music Publishing, the past few years have seen the now-teen settle into a more decisively pop sound and aesthetic, and one that makes “dumbass” fit so seamlessly with the edgy, electro-infused earnestness currently pervading mainstream alternative pop.

“‘dumbass,’” as we’re told in a press release, “started with one line: ‘Your fear of looking stupid is holding you back.'” And once that revelation became a mantra, GAYLE’s writing sessions began to yield the vulnerability needed to craft the youthful yet stunningly self-aware single, for which the singer learned to “cut the crap, stop being scared, and be vulnerable.” As she explains, “‘dumbass’ is about my coping mechanisms for my insecurities and how I’m self-aware of it, but trying to ignore it.”

“GAYLE’s ‘dumbass’ is an anthem for every person out there who struggles with allowing themselves to be exactly who they are,” adds Kara DioGuardi, “The song will inspire you to let your inner dumbass roar because there’s a freedom in not caring what people think. GAYLE’s a 15 year old musical force to be reckoned with.”

Just weeks after a teen made history at the Grammys, it should come as no surprise that with youth comes youthful perceptive and honesty, and though nothing about “dumbass” is childish (in fact, it’s thematically incredibly mature for a singer who can’t even legally drive yet), it certainly benefits from the throughly modern, internet-bred authentic aesthetic that members of Gen-Z can best capture, putting to song what many teens have managed to express through social media and other mediums of immediate, conversational engagement, stepping out of the need to convey a curated and contrived perfect self in favor of owning insecurity and vulnerability.

In her brand new video, directed by Jimmy Fisco and produced by Kristina Russo, the young artist manages to perfectly convey the song’s thematic focus as well as its dreamy, etherial tone, awash with stylish and moody colors and soft focus, all so impossibly vibey and cool, while also almost entirely composed of shots of her singing while perfectly still, pressed against other people and objects. As GAYLE explains, “The music video is really a metaphor for me constantly leaning on something to feel less insecure.” A perfect compliment to an already stellar track- you can watch GAYLE’s official video for “dumbass” below!

We will, no doubt, be hearing much more from GAYLE soon, but, for now, you can also stream “dumbass” on all major platforms, and catch the singer in person this Monday, Feb. 10, at another free installment of BMI’s 8 Off 8th series at Mercy Lounge (details here).

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[REMINDER] Catch Piebald w/ Waterfall Wash & Through the Motions | TONIGHT @ The Basement East

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Since springing back to life just a few years ago after a near decade-long split, Massachusetts alt/emo outfit Piebald have been keeping intermittently active, undertaking a small run of festival and tour dates, where they’ve been met with enthusiasm and nostalgia for their criminally underrated original run from the late ’90s to late ’00s, which saw them flirt with mainstream success, but ultimately never quite reach the recognition of some of their peers. We caught one of their earliest shows back at Atlanta’s Wrecking Ball in 2016, and have been hoping ever since that the band might eventually make their way to Music City for the first time in many years. We’re thrilled that that will finally happen tonight, Feb. 1 at The Basement East, for a show that features local support from longtime site faves Waterfall Wash and pop punk newcomers Through the Motions. Whether you’re nostalgic for the early days of ’00s emo and the golden era of Warped Tour, or a fan who fell into Piebald after they’d already split, we urge you not to miss this performance, since there’s no telling when or if the band might be back in Nashville. Tickets are available right here while they last, and you can read on for more about the show below!

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Local Teen Pop Artist GAYLE Makes Impressive Introduction with New Single “dumbass”


At only 15, Nashville based GAYLE is already an artist to watch, managing to amass an impressive social media following and generate an immediate wave of online hype for her brand new single, “dumbass”– not the young singer’s first (she’s been making music and playing shows for an astonishing amount of years already), but apparently the first under her GAYLE pop moniker.

Raised in Dallas, the rising talent convinced her entire family to uproot and move to Nashville a few years ago, as her musical ambitions became more and more all-consuming, and, clearly, after assimilating into the local songwriter community and immersing herself in contemporary pop, the past few years of artistic growth have manifested into a stunningly great first track. Just days after a teen made history at the Grammys, it should come as no surprise that with youth comes youthful perspetive, and though nothing about “dumbass” is childish (in fact, it’s thematically very mature for a singer who can’t even legally drive yet), it certainly benefits from the throughly modern, internet-bred authentic aesthetic that only members of Gen-Z can best capture.

And, most importantly, it’s simply a bop; a fantastic single that is primed to dominate many a trendy playlist. We’ll have more exciting GAYLE related news for you very soon, but, for now, stream “dumbass” below or on your platform of choice, and catch the young singer for free Feb. 10, at another free installment of BMI’s 8 Off 8th series at Mercy Lounge (details here)!

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5 Seconds of Summer to Play Ascend Amphitheater Sept. 13


Catapulting to fame early last decade thanks in no small part to their association and tour with mega famous former boyband One Direction, Australia’s 5 Seconds of Summer have always been something of an oddity, towing the line between the slick yet scrappy pop punk bands of the later ’00s and a more conventional mainstream pop act. Though earlier records leaned into their youthful enthusiasm for pop punk (and even tapped several artists from that scene for writing and production), more recently, they’ve shifted towards a more decisively pop bent, as evidenced on 2018 third LP Youngblood, and a recent tour with The Chainsmokers.

Where 5SOS takes their sound next remains to be seen (though we shouldn’t have to wait long, with promises of new music on the way), but where they’ll take themselves next just became a lot more clear, with the announcement of a headlining summer tour of North America. The group previously headlined Bridgestone Arena (right at the peak of their One Direction-fueled breakthrough), and most recently Cannery Ballroom, but this time around they’ll head up Ascend Amphitheater for the first time, on Sept. 13, with support from Nashville based The Band Camino (who, themselves, are in the midst of breaking out in a major way).

Snag tickets when they go on sale Friday, Feb. 7 at 10 a.m. CST right here, and check out a full list of tour dates below!

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[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Waterfall Wash Look to the “Stars” with Hypnotic New Single


One of our favorite bands since their (and our) earliest days, eclectic local outfit Waterfall Wash are a group we’ve watched grow and evolve into one of the local rock scene best and most dependable staples. Always open to genre experimentation, the group’s early years and first EP, 2015’s (now largely unavailable) Foreign Chords, took on a folkier bent, albeit with unique instrumentation and persistent pop accessibility. By 2016 mixtape Married to the Sound and their last EP, 2017’s Become What You See, however, the band, whose lineup has evolved as well, had taken on a fuzzy, lo-fi, synth infused indie pop sound, incorporating big hooks, layered melody, and even pulling from elements of math rock and pop punk to hone a unique and experimental, yet pleasantly approachable style. We know that the band have been working on new material, even running a successful crowdfunding campaign to help with the recording on their debut LP, but aside from 2018’s “Chris” and last year’s “Colors,” an inspired reimagining of the band’s very first song which we premiered on the site, we’ve been left eagerly anticipating what’s next.

Which brings us to some good news- while we don’t know the exact release date just yet, we’re thrilled to announce that the band’s forthcoming album will be called Mutable, and ahead of its release, we’re exclusively premiering a brand new Waterfall Wash single called “Stars”!

Apparently a reference to the album’s title (“the 4 mutable signs in astrology, associated with adaptability, flexibility and sympathy”), “Stars” was “inspired by those neon glow-in-the-dark stars that kids in the 90’s would stick to their walls, ceilings, Trapper Keepers, etc. But more than pieces of plastic, it’s about how repetition can be both a source of comfort and confusion.” As frontman Michael Roddy elaborates, “When I was in elementary school, I’d order bulk star / planet packs and use putty to place them around my bedroom. It got pretty nerdy… I would use my ceiling fan as ‘the sun’ in the configuration, spacing the planets around it proportionately. And I created constellations like Orion’s Belt and Cassiopeia.”

Engineered, produced and mixed by Nick Bullock at Awake Studios in South Nashville and mastered by Alan Douches (Beach Slang, Saves the Day, The Octopus Project) at West West Side Music in New York, “Stars” is a further showcase of the band’s pop accessibility, channeling a fuzzy, driving, and insanely catchy riffs and harmonic prowess. Another phenomenal leap forward for a band who continue to impress us more with each release, if the rest of Mutable is anything like “Stars,” it’s sure to be one of the year’s best local records!

As we previously announced, Waterfall Wash are set to support reunited alt/emo favorites Piebald this Saturday, Feb. 1 at The Basement East, along with Through the Motions (read all about the show and enter to win tickets here).

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