TWiN | This Weekend in Nashville | June 15-17

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We’re finally caught up on rest from Bonnaroo, and already a new weekend is upon us. With Middle Tennessee’s biggest fest in the rearview, the Nashville show landscape is looking extra packed this weekend, especially if you’re a fan of smaller or more DIY happenings. You have local indie, punk, garage rock, pop, folk, party rock, and more to pick from, with events ranging from free to wallet-friendly to a bit more extravagant, plus famed Americana rockers, emo/indie icons, a special Pink Floyd symphonic experience, and much more. You know the drill- start making plans with This Weekend in Nashville.

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TWiN | This Week in Nashville | June 8-10


Summer fun is in full swing in Nashville. Regardless of what type of music you are a fan of, there is something for everyone with Bonnaroo in nearby Manchester and the cowboy-booted tourist hailing CMA Fest happening across town. If you weren’t able to make it to the farm this year, and aren’t a fan of country, fear not. You still have plenty of options from punk to pop to fill your aural needs.  Head below for our top picks in this week’s edition of TWiN!

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[No Country Premiere] Watch Z’s Trippy Video For Noisy Pop Single “456”


Upstart rockers Z may not be on your radar yet, but they’re aiming to change that.  The project started last November as a performance art vehicle by Nashville based producer and audio/visual artist Zach Prosser, but has since grown into a foursome, rounded out by percussionist Julian Ciany, vocalist and spoken word poet Bri Baxter, and multi instrumentalist Steven Bauer.  While the band have an obvious melodic punk nucleus, digging in deeper you can also hear them dabbling in elements of kraut, funk, hardcore, industrial, and more, and that’s been cause for our recent obsession with the sound in their single, “456,” from their forthcoming album

We asked Prosser about the inspiration for the song, and he tells us, “The concept behind ‘456’ was making techno using instruments and technology the Beatles would have had, recorded on analog tape machines, and manipulated by hand.”  He continues, “Lyrically, it contains many elements of the thesis proposed by emotional stagnation and numbness perpetuated by modern consumer media.”

We’re thrilled to premiere the new music video for the track below, which was created by Prosser and Window Light.  If you want to see what their fierce live show is all about, then mark your calendar for Friday, June 8, when they’ll be playing a set as part of Discovery Fest, which is presented by our friends over at Cold Lunch Recordings.  This all day event also features performances by Paul Cherry, Butthole, Dreamwave, Only, Diamond Carter, and more.  Additional details about the show can be found here.

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TWiN | This Week in Nashville | June 1-3


As Subtropical Storm Alberto seems finally to have passed us by, the weather is looking a bit more pleasant (albeit still with a chance of rain- it is spring, after all) as we head into our last weekend before the craziness of Bonnaroo. June begins with a bang, with show options ranging from modern indie and garage rock favorites, rockabilly legends, classic comedians, buzzworthy new punk and pop, and so much more, with plenty of free and affordable shows to meet any budget. Per usual, we’ve put together our top picks for the weekend’s best happenings, so get to planning in our latest edition of TWiN!

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TWiN | This Week in Nashville | May 25-27

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This weekend, most of us are likely gearing up for Memorial Day. If you aren’t traveling to make the most of your extra day off, you should try to include some music in your stay-cation. We have a few fun outdoor events, as well as a nice helping of killer club shows to pull you away from your binge watching, along with legendary stadium acts, punk icons, up and coming indie rockers, old local favorites, and so much more. Head below to see all of our staff picks in this week’s edition of TWiN!

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