TWiN | This Weekend in Nashville | March 13-15

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To say that it’s been a challenging month here in Nashville would be an understatement. Last week, as we put together our weekend show guide, we were navigating changes, cancelations, and, more optimistically, benefits, as a result of the devastating March 3 tornado. This week, as Coronavirus/COVID-19 rapidly spreads across the globe, including right here in Middle Tennessee, social functions, public gatherings, and concerts are being moved and canceled on a daily basis.

With all of the uncertainty in regards to public health, and with our belief that it should be everyone’s civic responsibility to do their part in mitigating the spread of COVID-19, we are hesitant to encourage you to attend shows at all right now, but with numerous local venues making statements about taking extra precautions for health and safety (and knowing that for many artists, independent venues, music industry employees, and more, this is their livelihood), we’ve decided to go ahead and run This Weekend in Nashville as normal. However, if you are feeling in any way ill, regularly spend time around elderly or immunocompromised or otherwise at risk folks, or simply don’t feel comfortable exposing yourself to any risk, we strongly urge you to sit concerts out for a few weeks, and hope that things will be back to normal soon.

With the situation changing rapidly, we’ve also decided to piece TWiN out this week with daily updates, to best reflect the most accurate information as of writing. We’re also adding known postponements and cancellations for relevant shows at the bottom of each section. However, we also recommend checking social media and websites for the venues and artists to monitor the most accurate info, as many events are seeing things change last minute. If you do make it out, please do so responsibility, and if you don’t, please consider supporting your favorite artists (especially small and independent ones) during this difficult time by buying merch or music online.

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TWiN | This Weekend in Nashville | March 6-8


Earlier this week, live music was the furthest thing from our mind. But, as Nashville comes together to rebuild, recover, and to help one another in need, it’s clear that not only could many of us use an escape and some entertainment after one of the most challenging weeks in our city’s history, but also, many artists and venues and promoters have been able to scramble to organize or repurpose shows to provide support to various tornado relief efforts. As we bring you our weekly This Weekend in Nashville show guide (which we’ll be updating regularly throughout the weekend as events are added and changed), we’re also marking where we can the events that have specifically indicated a charitable component (but don’t feel guilty about simply picking what you want to see- there are still countless ways to donate time, like Hands On Nashville, and money, like the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee). Keep doing what you can to aid those in need, but, if you’re in a position to take some time for yourself and see a show, check out our weekend rundown below!

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