[Preview] Ladies of Rock Showcase | The East Room | Tonight!

Ladies Of Rock

Being a great female artist means sharing experiences in a way that audiences can personalize. As opposed to being a star with an appearance and convictions as plastic as a child’s doll, many independent female artists bear their souls on stage to create an authentic connection. In Nashville’s great cultural awakening, people are rejecting the marketing schemes and gender stereotypes of “stardom”; instead demanding original music from talented women. It is because of this movement that these artists are facing a bull market.

A question then: If we’ve got great talent and a hunger for local music, where is the platform for those changing the scene? Bringing her own source of light to the stage, Lady E and the Black Light’s Erica Dilanjian would like to show you what these ladies are really made of. Dilanjian’s Ladies of Rock event at The East Room is working to bring masculine and feminine elements together with a night of powerhouse performances. It’s a raw showcase that rejects sexualized economic filters by supplying fresh players to the music game. It’s an impressive move that focuses on the whole audience instead of catering to a niche.

Her April 7th showcase features Kelly Ruth, French Lips, The Dead Deads, and of course Lady E & The Black Light. So, set a reminder to head over to The East Room around 8pm to check it all out for a mere $5. You can find out more about all the acts below.

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From Stage to Screen: Elton John’s Million Dollar Piano


There are few spectacles as grand as a performance by Sir Elton John. And at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace in fabulous Las Vegas, live performances simply don’t get much better. Sadly, this residency show isn’t practical for many people to see, and though the Rocket Man is scheduled to touch down in Middle Tennessee as a Bonnaroo headliner this summer, the outdoor mega-festival may not provide the same magic of seeing an artist of Elton’s caliber. So, Yamaha Entertainment Group of America had the foresight to bring the music legend to the silver screen in The Million Dollar Piano, which hits theaters state-side March 18th and 26th, including showings at the Regal Cinemas at Opry Mills and Green Hills.

We had the opportunity to speak with Chris Gero, founder and Vice President of Yamaha Entertainment Group who also served as the producer and director of the cinematic concert that serves as a crown jewel in a showcase of music regality. You can check out our interview below, and check into tickets for local showings right here.
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[Review] Oak Creek Basement Bash | 11/8/13 | Five Awesome Live Acts You Should See

Oak Creek Band. Photo by Shawn Jackson.

Part of the reason I started contributing to No Country was to discover great bands that I was missing. It might sound like an unforgivable sin living in Middle Tennessee, but I consider myself exceptionally ignorant when it comes to music in Music City. This concentration of talent comes from newcomers and old favorites alike, overwhelming even the most seasoned of music listeners on a weekly basis in a monsoon of promising shows and events. There’s simply too much to do, and, despite advances in cloning technology, I’m still only one person.

So I turn to my friend Shawn Jackson; a photographer who possesses the skills and experience of a veteran while still keeping the energy and humility of someone who just picked up their first camera.

Asking him “Just what the hell are we gonna do this week?”, his response is “The same thing we do every week Pinky: Go see a great show”.

Sharing that, I have a confession to make: I’m REALLY not into the whole Americana scene. Nor am I really into Country music. I know that’s a real shocker considering the name of the blog, but I’ve only had a handful of good experiences with both. So, when Shawn tells me that his friends are in The Oak Creek Band, my nepotism-detector instantly goes off. But Shawn and I seem to have similar tastes, and after attending Joe Satriani, Queens of the Stone Age, and the Hillbilly Casino/Unknown Hinson/ Reverend Horton Heat, I’m willing to roll those dice despite not knowing where my piece sits on the board.

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TPAC’S “We Will Rock You” Promises a KILLER QUEEN Show


The United States and the United Kingdom have long shared a mutual respect for the sounds each brother country has been able to produce. And while rock giant Queen has enjoyed its time on the global stage for several decades, the band is finally being commemorated on the stages of American theaters with an upcoming tour of “We Will Rock You”, the hit musical that is bringing to life some of the band’s most treasured songs.

Having toured eleven years with a show that started in London’s West End and was eventually enjoyed by 15 million fans, the rock opera will be hitting the Tennessee Performing Arts Center this week with an experience that one can only guess will be over the top with how awesomely hilarious  it’s going to be.  Set three centuries into a dystopian future, we follow a rebellious faction of the Bohemians who fight against the Killer Queen, leaving our hero Galileo and Scaramouche to battle for the satirical land.

No Country For New Nashville wants to know if they’ll do the Fandango. Musicals might not be the traditional fare of Music City, but one can only feel that this is going to be a show that you’re not going to want to miss. The show starts Tuesday, November 12th with a curtain pulling away at 7:30pm, and it runs through November 17th. You can get information and tickets online.

Check out the video below to get a taste of the epicness:

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A Psychobilly Freakout: Hillbilly Casino, Unknown Hinson, and Reverend Horton Heat Show Review (11/1)

Reverend Horton Heat. Photo by Shawn Jackson.

With red necks and black sleeves, southern punk fans embody that subversive spirit that gave America its first true culture. So what better bands to see in Music City than a bunch of hicks with picks? And what better venue could be had for such melodious hayseeds – A group of ruffians who value elbow grease and fast cars – than the Marathon Music Works? Reverend Horton Heat, Unknown Hinson, and Hillbilly Casino are the equivalent of Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, and George Dickel walking into the same saloon for a three-man shootout.  Keep reading below for our review and some fantastic photos from Shawn Jackson.

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