New On Our Nashville Spotify Playlist: Adia Victoria, *repeat repeat, Bantug, Brooke Alexx, John Tucker, Stephen Day, & More


Our main goal at No Country is to share music from our favorite local artists and touring acts that hit Nashville. Now you can get straight to listening on our Nashville Spotify playlist.

Local music additions

“South Gotta Change” by Adia Victoria
“Wind in My Sail” by *repeat repeat
“Soften” by Bantug
“It’s Not You” by Brooke Alexx
“Flow” by John Tucker
“Droptop” by Classic Williams
“We Had Everything” by Super Duper
“Kitchen Table” by Molly Parden
“The Ballad of James Howlett” by Billy Raffoul
“down” by Mokita

Follow along so you don’t miss the best of No Country for New Nashville on our Nashville Spotify playlist!

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