[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Hadley Kennary Lets Go of the “Blueprint” With Satisfying Self Made Video


In 2020, clearly nothing is going to plan. Fortunately, Nashville songwriter and artist Hadley Kennary is here to help listeners let go with her latest track “Blueprint.” No Country for New Nashville is proud to premiere the creative, self-made lyric video for the song.

Shot and edited by Kennary during quarantine, watching the “Blueprint” video is oddly satisfying. Kennary simply uses graph paper, a rule and a pencil to beautifully sketch out lyric designs. The effect truly shines in the chorus as she sings “Got a solid foundation / With no expectation / I don’t have a blueprint / But I’m gonna do it, do it.”

“Blueprint” was co-written with Kensington Moore; the track was produced in Nashville by Collin Pastore and Jake Finch. Kennary says, “‘Blueprint’ is a song about apprehension to change. The song explores the anxiety, hesitation, and human emotions that come up when life doesn’t go according to plan – a feeling that echoes with me regularly, but especially amidst the turbulence we’ve found ourselves in over the past couple of months.”

The video comes out with more singles on the horizon for Kennary’s 2020. We’re eager to listen to the follow ups, as last year’s “Potential” single and Habits EP made a big impact on us. Watch the lyric video for “Blueprint” below.

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