New On Our Nashville Spotify Playlist: Ben Kessler, somegirlnamedanna, Josie Dunne, Betcha, Becca Mancari, Grace Lee, Gatlin, & More


Our main goal at No Country is to share music from our favorite local artists and touring acts that hit Nashville. Now you can get straight to listening on our Nashville Spotify playlist.

Local music additions

“Just Wanna Be Your Friend” by Ben Kessler
“kitchen table” by somegirlnamedanna
“Lost” by Josie Dunne
“If That’s Alright” by Betcha
“First Time” by Becca Mancari
“Say What You Want” by The New Respects, Josiah
“Stolen Thoughts” by Trevor James Tillery
“R U D Y” by Houston Kendrick
“Baby Blue” by Grace Lee
“Waiting Games” by Trella
“never been in love” by Gatlin
“Moral of the Story” by Juliette Reilly
“Until Every Star Burns Out” by Nilka
“Way Out” by Conor Matthews

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