[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Caroline Culver Gets “Honest” in New Lyric Video


Atlanta raised, Nashville based indie folk rock singer Caroline Culver made her stunning debut just a few weeks ago with vulnerable and earnest first single “Honest,” a haunting and heartfelt navigation of maintaining an honest and true sense of self and emotional clarity in the midst of a relationship that isn’t right. If you haven’t yet, you can stream the single now on your platform of choice, but, today, we’re beyond thrilled to bring you a special new release from Caroline- an exclusive premiere of her brand new lyric video for the single!

“It’s easy to lose sight of who you are when you’re with the wrong person,” Culver explains, “So I wrote this song about not being real with yourself and the relationship you are in. It’s also about finding my honest self expression as an artist.” True to the ethos of the song, Caroline’s lyric video is atmospheric and personal, a sort of stylish and timeless and reflective spot that shows the singer lost in thought, pacing around a decorated room with an almost surreal, retro presentation and editing style.

“‘Honest’ is about being in denial and hiding from your real emotions,” Culver adds, on the song’s broader meaning, “Whether those feelings stem from a toxic relationship or something else; I think no matter what- the most important thing to do in life is get real- confront these things. This song grows a new meaning in my life as I continue to sit with it. As a person, I strive to be honest with everything I do; I hope to be transparent with my songs. So ‘Honest’ has really helped me find my self expression as an artist.”

An impressive newcomer in the local scene who we’ll surely be keeping a close eye on, as she channels the wistful, confessional folk rock of Phoebe Bridgers and the atmospheric pop prowess and mysterious allure of Banks, with a dash of edgier rock and roll bite, “Honest” is, already, one of our favorite local singles of the year, brought to life with even more texture and palette in Caroline Culver’s first lyric video. Watch that brand new video below, and follow Caroline on the social media links at the bottom of the page for further updates!

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