[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Ahead of Their Debut LP, Blonde Bones Dazzle with Groovy, Propulsive Single “Cape Fear”


Though they’ve been together now for several years, and an increasing live presence in the local scene as of late, 2020 has seemingly been something of a transformative soft reset and new chapter for indie pop outfit Blonde Bones, whose debut LP, Hiding Out, is due out next month!

Showcasing a slick, melodic, reverb-soaked, energetic, and pop accessible sound, incorporating elements of surf and psych rock, recent tracks “Sunny” and “Woody” have already given us a taste of what to expect for the local trio’s first full-length. And though their next single, “Cape Fear,” doesn’t officially drop until tomorrow, we’re very excited to bring you an exclusive premiere a day early- stream it right now below!

Like the last couple of tracks, “Cape Fear” has no shortage of catchy hooks and earworm melodies, but packs even more propulsive energy, giving off an almost Vampire Weekend-esque vibe in its driving rhythmic structure, groovy guitar style, and dreamy vocals. Like the rest of Hiding Out, “Cape Fear” was recorded by Atlanta-based producer Damon Moon (Blair Crimmins, Big Brutus, Sydney Eloise & the Palms) at his Standard Electric Recording Company, and marks our favorite new song from Blonde Bones-  frontman Christian Barnett, bassist Joe Rebrovick and drummer Daniel Ryan- so far!

You can hear “Cape Fear” right now below, and find on your streaming platform of choice tomorrow! You also tentatively catch Blonde Bones live opening for Flipturn April 25 at The High Watt, though, like all spring shows, we’d recommend keeping an eye on the calendar for the latest updates.

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