[REMINDER] Don’t Miss Yungblud w/ Missio | TONIGHT @ Marathon Music Works


It’s been a whirlwind couple of years for genre-bending English rocker Yungblud, who only began releasing music in 2017, but has become a hugely beloved star on the rise in the year and half since his debut EP and subsequent first full-length dropped in 2018. Blending alt rock, hip hop, and punk and commanding a sharp, earnest, and poetic lyrical prowess, Yungblud feels like the real deal- a young rockstar in-the-making, forged by the times but also indebted to musical icons of the past. As good as his music is, his wild live show is even better- a sight you must witness in person to fully appreciate. And you can do just that tonight, Sept. 29, when Yungblud returns to Nashville for the second time this year, to headline Marathon Music Works with breakout electro pop duo Missio. Last time around he sold out The Cowan, and we have no doubt Yungblud could do the same at Marathon; snag tickets here while you can, then read on for more about the show!


With the whirlwind of buzz and massive, passionate following he’s managed to so swiftly amass, it’s hard to believe it’s only been two years since eclectic English rocker Yungblud released his first single. And though, while “King Charles” and subsequent tune “I Love You, Will You Marry Me” might’ve been his artistic introduction to the public at large, they were hardly the now 21-year-old singer, born Dominic Harrison’s, first foray into music, having grown up in Northern England with a guitar shop owner father and a grandfather who played with legendary group T. Rex in the ’70s, first picking up a guitar at the age of two and beginning to write songs by grade school, influenced by a huge variety of artists and poetic writers. Citing everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Eminem, The Clash to N.W.A., Arctic Monkeys to Bob Dylan, and more, Yungblud’s sounds certainly borrows heavily from hip hop, but feels just as throughly rooted in guitar driven punk and alt rock, peppered with bits of pop, ska, pop punk, and indie rock, spanning eras and sounds and thematic focus, tackling both personal themes like depression, suicidal thoughts, and fraught relationships as well as global, broader commentary on political and social unrest. Propelled by both a self-titled debut EP and his first full-length, 21st Century Liability, last year, Yungblud has been able to rapidly grow a massive and rabid following, going out of his way to connect with fans on a personal level, and find audiences across a variety of musical genre scenes and subcultures, just as comfortable with radio primed alt rock and hip hop as the emo and pop punk world (notably, he played last year’s final Warped Tour). Recent singles like “Loner” and star-studded “11 Minutes,” featuring both Blink-182’s Travis Baker and beloved pop singer Halsey (with whom Yungblud is currently romantically linked) have only served to attract even more mainstream success, and thanks to his raw, thoughtful, earnest presentation and lyrical propensity, punk and hip hop spirit of unpredictability, and an absolutely wild and stunning live show, Yungblud feels destined to soon be a massive crossover star. We have no doubt that the next time he’s in town, it’ll be in an even larger room, so catch him in a relatively intimate spot while you still can!


Hailing from Austin, Texas, the ascent of electro pop rock breakout duo Missio has been a swift and deserved one. Formed in 2014, initially as a side project for singer and producer Matthew Brue, the band soon grew to include producer and multi-instrumentalist David Butler- both of whom were just coming off of other bands and, after casually crossing paths in the local scene over the years, found that they particularly clicked in the studio, even fortuitously becoming roommates as Missio’s lineup cemented. Adopting a strong DIY ethos (Butler built a home studio by hand, facilitating endless creative freedom), the duo were met with surprisingly fast online buzz after the release of their self-titled debut EP, and, after making their debut at SXSW and beginning to tour, were scooped up by RCA, who released their first full-length, Loner, in 2017. With radio and blog attention and some prominent placements, and propelled by buzzworthy tracks like “Middle Finger,” “Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea,” and “Everybody Gets High,” the group’s hook-laden, synth-laced, unabashedly poppy, and refreshingly earnest sound has made them an exciting act to watch, earning critical praise and hitting the road for the better part of the last couple of years to increasingly larger crowds. For their recent, highly-anticipated sophomore effort, The Darker the Weather // The Better the Man, the group disconnected to a remote studio in El Paso, building on the template set forth by their debut, while exploring more raw and personal thematic territory, and more lush, dense, analog synth tones. Even if you’ve caught the duo at any of their number of headlining or supporting shows the past couple of years, their return to Music City boasts a whole new arsenal of stellar, fresh material, making it a better time than ever to catch Missio in action!

Yungblud and Missio will perform tonight, Sept. 29 at Marathon Music Works. The show is all ages, begins at 8 p.m. (doors at 6:30 p.m.), and tickets are available to purchase for $25.

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