Don’t Miss BobFest 2019 | Sept. 26-29 in Nearby Adams, TN


While massive major events like Bonnaroo and mid-tier major fests like Pilgrimage tend to nab the most press and widespread attention, our area is, unsurprisingly, rich with lots of more boutique festivals each season as well. Many that we highlight tend to be indoors, or city-based day fests, but for a Bonnaroo type vibe with a considerably scaled down size, nearby multi-day camping festival BobFest, set just under an hour away in Adams, Tennessee, is a stellar, communal, and intimate event that’s been running now for several years.

Hosted by Cold Lunch Recordings and Nashville Psych Alliance, the festival boasts two stages with over 40 local and regional performers (plus DJs and visual projection artists), largely representing the psych, garage rock, indie, experimental, folk, punk, and blues realm. While doors open Thursday, Sept. 26 at noon, and you can camp through Sunday, Sept. 29, the bulk of the music will take place Friday and Saturday, with day tickets available for each, in addition to very reasonably priced weekend and VIP options.

Like ‘Roo, you’ll find plenty of vendors, a general store, and other amenities  on site, and in addition to music, there will be local artisans, yoga, outdoor activities (the fest is set along the Red River, and you’re allowed to bring your canoe, kayak, or swimming gear), and more. As for the lineup, regular readers should be familiar with plenty of fantastic area acts, with H.A.R.D., ElonMusk, Z, Lacquer, Microwave Mountain, Keeps, Datenight, Oginalii, The Inscape, Tape Deck Mountain, and a Super Doom SuperJam (featuring members of Microwave Mountain and Lacquer) among Friday’s slate, and Nordista Freeze, Iven, Kent Osborne, Meth Dad, Kansas Bible Company, Soft Bodies, Twen, Hari The Band, Nightingail, Only, American Roommates, plus a Tayls SuperJam, and much more on tap for Saturday. Head here for tickets and preview many of the performers below!

BobFest runs Thursday, Sept. 26 through Sunday, Sept. 29 in Adams, TN, with the majority of music slated for Friday and Saturday. Tickets range from $50 (Friday or Saturday single-day) to $80 (weekend), with a weekend VIP option (which includes food and drink passes, premiere parking, and other freebies) for $180, all right here.

THURSDAY – Sept. 26

DYLAN SMUCKER | Treehouse Stage | 7pm

RADIUM SPRINGS | Treehouse Stage | 8pm

THE RAGCOATS | Treehouse Stage | 9pm

DJ PROFESSOR/JALIL | Treehouse Stage | 10pm


FRIDAY – Sept. 27

WXNA DJ | Grove Stage | 10am

D.D. ISLAND | Treehouse Stage | 3pm

PEPPERMINT BOYS | Grove Stage | 3:30pm

THE BURNING PEPPERMINTS | Treehouse Stage | 4pm

PATZY | Grove Stage | 4:30pm

TAPE DECK MOUNTAIN | Treehouse Stage | 5pm

QUIET OAKS | Grove Stage | 5:30pm

THE INSCAPE | Treehouse Stage | 6pm

OGINALII | Grove Stage | 6:30pm

JOHNNY CONQUEROO | Treehouse Stage | 7pm

DATENIGHT | Grove Stage | 7:45pm

KEEPS | Treehouse Stage | 8:15pm

WHITE WOOLY | Grove Stage | 9pm

MICROWAVE MOUNTAIN | Treehouse Stage | 9:45pm

LACQUER | Grove Stage | 10:30pm

NU MANGOS | Treehouse Stage | 11pm

Z | Grove Stage | 11:45pm

H.A.R.D. | Treehouse Stage | 12:15am


ELONMUSK | Treehouse Stage | 1:30am

SUPER DOOM JAM | Grove Stage | 2am

MOVIE SHOWING | Grove Stage | 3am


SATURDAY – Sept. 28

WXNA DJ | Grove Stage | 10am

WHISKEY ANGEL | Treehouse Stage | 1pm

DALE HOLLOW | Grove Stage | 1:30pm

VID NELSON | Treehouse Stage | 2pm

DYLAN SMUCKER | Grove Stage | 2:30pm

AMERICAN ROOMMATES | Treehouse Stage | 3pm

ONLY | Grove Stage | 3:30pm

NIGHTINGAIL | Treehouse Stage | 4pm

HARI THE BAND | Grove Stage | 4:30pm

TENNESSEE MUSCLE CANDY | Treehouse Stage | 5pm

RADIUM SPRINGS | Grove Stage | 5:30pm

TWEN | Treehouse Stage | 6pm

THE RAGCOATS | Grove Stage | 6:45pm

BANDITOS | Treehouse Stage | 7:15pm

SOFT BODIES | Grove Stage | 8:15pm

KANSAS BIBLE COMPANY | Treehouse Stage | 8:45pm

METH DAD | Grove Stage | 9:45pm

THESE SLIPPERY PEOPLE | Treehouse Stage | 10:15pm

THREE DOLLA COLLECTIVE | Grove Stage | 11:15pm

NORDISTA FREEZE | Treehouse Stage | 11:45pm

KENT OSBORNE | Grove Stage | 12:15am

TAYLS SUPERJAM ft. NORDISTA FREEZE | Treehouse Stage | 12:45am

IVEN | Grove Stage | 1am

TALK SHOW CIRCUIT | Grove Stage | 1:45am

NEW MOON TEA CEREMONY | Treehouse Stage | 2am

FAR OUT DRONE | Treehouse Stage | 2:30am

MOVIE SHOWING | Grove Stage | 3am


SUNDAY – Sept. 29

YOGA | Grove Stage | 10am

PASTOR LONNY | Treehouse Stage | 11am

IVEN | Treehouse Stage | 12pm

MAX PUTNAM | Treehouse Stage | 1pm





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