New On Our Nashville Spotify Playlist: Soccer Mommy, Joseph, Andrew Combs, Biyo, Twen, Elise Hayes, & More


Our main goal at No Country is to share music from our favorite local artists and touring acts that hit Nashville. Now you can get straight to listening on our Nashville Spotify playlist.

Local music additions

“lucy” by Soccer Mommy
“Stars of Longing” by Andrew Combs – Playing The High Watt on October 26
“Gemini” by Biyo
“Get It Right” by Jung Youth
“Fotw” by Mike Floss
“Risk” by Kirsten Arian
“Die Tonight” by Smart Objects
“Awestruck” by Twen – Playing The Basement on September 27
“New York City” by Elise Hayes – Playing Bluebird Cafe on October 12
“Beyond the Grave” by Notelle
“Sad Boys” by Myylo
“Lips Like Cherry Wine” by Chloé Hogan

Touring artist additions

“Good Luck, Kid” by Joseph – Playing Cannery Ballroom on October 4
“Cynic” by Noah Kahan – Playing Cannery Ballroom on September 25
“Where the Shadow Ends” by BANNERS – Playing Mercy Lounge on September 27

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