Brasko Releases “Lipstick Stains” Ahead of Debut Full-Length ‘SEXDREAMSUPERSTAR’


Nashville artist Jordan Gable has been releases sexy pop singles as Brasko since 2017’s blood-pumping track “Take Me.” Exploring facets of love through the lenses of gender, control, and sexuality, Brasko makes theatrical pop with a delightfully dark edge. New single “Lipstick Stains” prances even further into the funky dancefloor terrority.

Co-written with Anthony Rankin of The Love Elektrik, “Lipstick Stains” is a carnal jam set to a major groove, funky synths and Brasko’s playful vocals. “I wanted a song that moves any size room; four-on-the-floor groove, dark for the goth kids, and catchy for the preppy kids, with a dash of in-your-face lyrics,” Brasko says. “Lipstick Stains” features fellow Nashvillian Saint Pressure, known for bringing the party in his own trap-inspired catalog.

“Lipstick Stains” is the first release from Brasko’s upcoming debut record SEXDREAMSUPERSTAR, a concept album that explores the private affairs happening within a hotel. Considering the record is co-produced by Gabe Simon (Dua Lipa, Jai Wolf) and Cason Cooley (Ingrid Michaelson, American Authors), check us into this establishment immediately. No live shows are on the calendar right now, but we did catch his explosive set at Mercy Lounge recently. It’s a spectacle of performance and showmanship not to be missed. For now, listen to “Lipstick Stains” below.

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