Nashville Pop/R&B Artist Meaux Gets Nostalgic with Serene Single “Summertime”


There isn’t just one kind of “summer song” out there. There are pool jams, tracks for boat parties, and songs meant to blast at the beach. But not all summer music has to be euphoric “turn up” moods. Nashville r&b/pop artist Meaux just dropped “Summertime,” and it’s perfect for early morning reflection when the sun’s heat is barely turning up. Gorgeous harp progressions, wispy flutes, and a clutch beat bring out Meaux’s nostalgia for seasons past.

Meaux’s journey to Nashville as a solo artist crossed state lines, genres, and other artistic disciplines. Born and raised in New Orleans, Morgan Hebert started her music career singing background vocals for a country outfit while cutting her teeth as a dancer. Hebert’s dancing skills landed her on Beyoncé’s iconic Super Bowl XLVII Halftime performance and several live national television shows like The Today Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Taking her experiences supporting larger acts, Hebert pivoted towards solo artistry as Meaux. She blends classic r&b influences of pioneers Etta James and Ray Charles with trendsetters Beyoncé, Rihanna, and JoJo. We’ve caught Meaux live, and her national stage history definitely shines through with a polished set of choreography you normally don’t see from artists early in their career.

“I wrote ‘Summertime’ around the time of my birthday, and I was feeling really nostalgic,” Meaux says. “The previous year I had spent my birthday with my closest friends and family, as well as with a guy from home I dated on and off for a few years. I started dating him in the summertime when I used to live in New Orleans. So anytime I think of him, I think of that one summer we spent being young kids living life as free as we could and a little reckless.” With “Summertime,” Meaux appreciates the past while staying focused on the here and now. “It’s important to just enjoy what’s happening right now in the present,” she says.

Keep an eye on Meaux no matter what season it is, and listen to “Summertime” below!

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