[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Tuxedo Wildlife Navigates Emotional Complexity with New Single “Depths”


Earlier this year, we introduced you to Tuxedo Wildlife, the new solo outlet of Whoa Dakota guitarist Collin Gundry, with the premiere of his debut single, “Myself Together.” With his gorgeously layered, ethereal, ambient sound, reminiscent of artists like Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, and Local Natives, we were instantly hooked, and we’re thrilled today to once again bring you an exclusive premiere of Tuxedo Wildlife’s latest- a new tune called “Depths.”

With his confident and emotional delivery, set atop lush, rhythmic, and hypnotic instrumentation, Gundry, a native of nearby Hendersonville, once again navigates the complexity and insecurity that comes with relationships and personal connection. “So this whole album is basically one long love song,” he explains, “but not the kind where the subject is romanticized. Where the singer is pining for their one true unattainable love. This is more like oh shit, this is whack, what have I gotten myself into?”

Set to appear on the singer’s debut EP, due out this summer, “Depths” chronicles the point in a relationship where comfort gives way to doubt and insecurity, the intensity of expression, reading emotion, and keeping feelings in check, perfectly matching all of these complex feelings with layered and sweeping composition.

Further explaining the theme, Gundry asserts “At the beginning everyone wants to appear cool and collected all the time. Like certain things don’t bother them. Like they’re more rational than they actually are. But everyone has these insecurities that at some point are just too real to ignore. It’s like impressionism, or pointillism. From a distance, it’s a pretty picture and looks completely normal. But the closer you get you start to see each individual brush stroke or dot and all the colors that make up the image. The closer you get the more you see the chaos of reality.”

Hear Tuxedo Wildlife’s stellar new track below, keep an eye out for more news and a forthcoming video as the EP release approaches, and stay tuned for future live dates!

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