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Famed Joy Division and New Order bassist/vocalist and co-founder Peter Hook has, for the last eight years, been revisiting his roots in a major way with Peter Hook & The Light; essentially  an ultimate tribute to his former bands. Originally geared towards revisiting Joy Division, and more recently moving to perform early New Order as well, Hook and co. have been touring the world performing Unknown Pleasures and Closer for the first time since the Joy Division’s unfortunate end in 1980, and largely pulling from New Order’s Movement and Power, Corruption & Lies on more recent runs, a much more nostalgic move than the remainder of New Order incorporate into their own live shows. Following an debut in 2015, Hook will return to Nashville tonight, May 29, once again at Exit/In. Tickets to this special outing, which features both a New Order set and a Joy Division set, are still on sale here, so, if you’re a fan of Hook, his prior groups, or post-punk in general, you’d be crazy to miss this incredible unique show. Since it’s a double set, there’s no opener- plan accordingly!

Along with childhood friend and guitarist Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook formed Joy Division in the late ’70s, and, through only two proper full-length releases, Unknown Pleasures and Closer, helped pioneer the British post-punk scene. Before their second album even hit shelves, vocalist Ian Curtis committed suicide, abruptly and devastatingly putting an end to a band who were only beginning to realize their full potential (their posthumous influence on music since has been immeasurable). Out of respect to Curtis and his irreplaceability, the surviving members of Joy Division formed a new group, New Order, in 1980, exploring broader realms of new wave, synthpop, and alternative dance music, continuing to this day as a massive success. New Order have taken a few breaks over the years, and following their most recent reunion, in 2011, it was announced that Hook would be stepping away.

In an admirable move to return to his roots, the acclaimed bassist and vocalist formed Peter Hook & The Light, which, since 2010, has turned a much more nostalgic eye towards the past (and is the closest you’re ever going to get to seeing Joy Division, save for New Order occasionally peppering a hit or two into their set). This is the ultimate experience for any Joy Division and/or New Order fan, and an incredible and unique chance to see Peter Hook in a small club for the first time in years; calling it a tribute feels like we’re underselling it, because this is the real deal.

Peter Hook & The Light will perform tonight, May 29 at Exit/In. The show is 18+, begins at 9 p.m. (doors at 8 p.m), and tickets are available to purchase for $28.

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