[REMINDER] Don’t Miss Fleet Foxes w/ Amen Dunes | TONIGHT @ The Ryman Auditorium

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Out on the road in support of last year’s phenomenal third album Crack-Up, their first record in six years, newly reenergized indie folk act Fleet Foxes returned to Nashville last night for a sold out show at The Ryman Auditorium, and are back again once more tonight, May 22, both with New York’s Amen Dunes, their first Nashville dates since 2011. If you couldn’t make it last night, you’re in luck, as a limited number of tickets for tonight’s show are still available here, but we wouldn’t recommend dragging your feet, since it could still sell out before this evening. Read on for more on why you seriously don’t want to miss this show!


Formed by frontman and primary songwriter Robin Pecknold and guitarist Skyler Skjelset while still in their teens, beloved and acclaimed Seattle indie folk outfit Fleet Foxes more formerly came together in the mid-’00s, swiftly building a cult following through their online presence and regional performances, and earning widespread attention and ubiquitous critical praise for their Sub Pop debut EP Sun Giant and first full-length, Fleet Foxes, both in 2008. Drawing influence and inspiration from popular music and folk rock of the mid ‘60s to the early ’70s, Fleet Foxes’ fusion of harmony-laden folk with baroque and psychedelic pop earned them praise as an instantly iconic act, capable of writing songs with a substance and maturity beyond their years, and by 2011 sophomore LP, Helplessness Blues, which arrived after an extended period of high-profile touring and continued acclaim, the group were one of the hottest indie bands in the world. That’s why it was especially puzzling when they subsequently dropped off the grid, with drummer Josh Tillman departing to reinvent himself as the sarcastic and self-aware Father John Misty, an act which has since even surpassed Fleet Foxes in widespread awareness, and Pecknold opted to hit pause on the band to attend Columbia University, an experience which seemed to realign his perspective and worldview in more recent material. Last year, the band finally made their return with a stunning third album Crack-Up, their most ambitious, culturally relevant, and focused effort to date, and have ramped up their live activity once more in support, reminding us why they earned so much hype in the first place as one of the finest acts of the ’00s indie folk boom. It’s been a number of years since Fleet Foxes last played Nashville, and while we hope the wait won’t be quite as long until their next return, we still wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to see them up close and personal.


Fronted by talented songwriter Damon McMahon, New York’s Amen Dunes first came together in 2006, and have released four stellar full-lengths and a number of EPs since. What began as an improvised solo project and has since transformed into a proper band, McMahon’s style lands a more on the indie, experimental, and psychedelic side of the spectrum, with the same poppy, and atmospheric sonic appeal of Fleet Foxes, albeit with less of an overt folk approach. A poetic, genre-bending, and even multimedia affair, fans of smart, substantive, and layered songwriting will find plenty to dig into, so be sure to arrive early.

Fleet Foxes and Amen Dunes will perform tonight, May 22 at The Ryman Auditorium. The show is all ages, begin at 7:30 p.m., and tickets are available to purchase $45-85.

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