HalfNoise Debuts New Singles “All That Love Is” & “She Said” | Catch Them May 13 @ Exit/In


By now you should be more than familiar with HalfNoise, the solo musical vehicle of Paramore drummer Zac Farro, a longtime local fave and friend of the site. Formed and cultivated between Farro’s 2010 departure from Paramore and his return to the renowned group last year, HalfNoise has, so far, released two full-length albums and two EPs, navigating the realms of ambient, indie rock, synthpop, and groovy, retro rock, last year’s Daniel James produced The Velvet Face EP marking his most psychedelic, analog, and nostalgic effort to date.

As we told you earlier this year, HalfNoise is prepping to drop yet another new EP, announced for a May 4 release date and dubbed Flowerss. Back in February, we get a first listen in the form of the title track, which felt like a bridge between Farro’s layered, dreamy, Sigur Ros-esque earlier output and the more raw, indie rock rooted sounds of both his last EP and recent work with Paramore.

Since then, HalfNoise has both released a psychedelic video for “Flowerss,” featuring editing and animation from Alex Kranzusch, a.k.a. Ghostpoop, and also announced a string of dates in support of the forthcoming EP, including a hometown outing the week after its release, May 13 at Exit/In with local favorites Becca Mancari and Ornament (grab tickets here while they last).

More recently, HalfNoise, who just returned from Paramore’s third Parahoy concert cruise, where Zac pulled double duty, unveiled another single from Flowerss called “All That Love Is,” continuing the dreamy, psych-tinged vibe that will apparently characterize this EP, a bit slicker and more lush than Velvet Face while maintaining some of its more organic and groove-rooted tendencies.

While we strive to avoid Paramore comparisons, as HalfNoise is a distinct project that deserves its own attention, the melancholy subject matter funneled through an upbeat musical aesthetic certainly mirrors After Laughter‘s happy/sad through-line, as does the track’s substantive pop accessibility. That’s not to say it sounds like Paramore though; this is a HalfNoise single through and through, and a hypnotic and confident one.

Additionally, HalfNoise unveiled a third single last week through NPR. Dubbed “She Said,” the track finds Farro in a self-reflective and contemplative state of mind, with a subtle and groovy delivery that further defines the project’s latest sonic exploration and has us even more eagerly-anticipating the rest of the EP! With its lush and timeless harmonies, layered grooves, and percussive repetition, “She Said” also feels like a tune just primed to be experienced live.

Hear “All That Love Is” and “She Said” below, revisit our review of last year’s unforgettable Velvet Face EP release show at Lucky Bamboo if you need any extra convincing to catch the Exit/In performance, and keep an eye out for more from HalfNoise throughout the spring!

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