[REMINDER] Don’t Miss Albert Hammond Jr. w/ Hinds | TONIGHT @ Exit/In


Strokes guitarist turned respectable solo artist Albert Hammond Jr. recently released his most deeply personal and musically focused effort to date, Francis Trouble, and, in support, will bring his latest tour back to Nashville’s own Exit/In tonight, March 25. With the longest-running solo career of any of his Strokes bandmates, Hammond has proven time and time again with numerous great releases and countless live shows, that he can both recapture the spark of his band and find his own voice, forging a path that warrants attention in its own right, without the lens of his prior success. A seasoned and magnetic live performer, Albert will be joined by buzzy Spanish indie act Hinds, whose forthcoming sophomore effort, I Don’t Run, is easily one of our most-anticiapted albums of the year. Tickets are still available right here, so grab ’em while they last and read on for more about the show!


While far from disbanded, and, in fact, presumed to be slowly but surely working on a new album to arrive sometime in the next couple of years, modern indie rock icons The Strokes seemingly ceased being a full-time band or the primary focus on its members more than a decade ago. You’ll inevitably get to see them in concert or headlining a festival once more, and can expect a perfectly competent new record someday, but to really experience something more modern and relevant and lovingly crafted, you have to look to the quintet’s individual long-running side and solo projects. Guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. managed to beat of all his bandmates to the punch, when he dropped his first LP, Yours to Keep, way back in 2006. In the 12 years since, he’s crafted three more excellent releases, most recently his brand new fourth effort Francis Trouble, and, save for perhaps Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas, has maintained the most visible, popular, and acclaimed run on his own. Managing not to stray too far from The Strokes’ template, Hammond’s sound maintains influences of garage rock, post-punk, alternative, and indie, though singularly funneled through his own perspective and expansive musical tendencies. Francis Trouble, especially, lands as a deeply personal work, as it draws influence from the true story of the death of Albert’s stillborn twin Francis, and its effect on his life and music. Not a light subject, to be sure, but the type of depth and existential exploration you can expect from indie rock’s most enduring talents. He’s been to Nashville before, but you can’t beat the chance to see a musical icon like Hammond in an intimate space like Exit/In- don’t miss out!


Hailing from Madrid, Spain (notably, Albert Hammond Jr.’s famed musician father, Albert Hammond Sr. is from the Spanish-adjacent British territory of Gibraltar), Hinds formed originally as a duo under the name Deers in 2011. After earning press for some early demos, they expanded to a four-piece band in 2014, and changed their name to Hinds officially at the beginning of the following year, releasing their buzzworthy debut, Leave Me Alone, in 2016. Pulling influences from garage rock, grunge pop, and lo-fi, the group definitely have a love for some of the same classic, Velvet Underground type acts as Hammond and The Strokes, but fuse that sound with more modern tendencies in the vein of Mac DeMarco and Ty Segall. With swift and widespread acclaim throughout blogosphere, the band have become indie darlings over the past few years, and their forthcoming sophomore album, I Don’t Run, is one of the year’s most-anticipated, thanks especially to excellent lead single “New For You.” Hinds feel like a perfect compliment to Albert, managing to find plenty of musical overlap while forging a distinct and contemporary sound of their own, and whether you’ve been counting the days until their Nashville return (they made their debut at Mercy Lounge in 2016) or you’re just getting into them, if you show up early you won’t be disappointed.

Albert Hammond Jr. and Hinds will perform tonight, March 25 at Exit/In. The show is 18+, begins at 9 p.m. (doors at 8 p.m.), and tickets are available to purchase for $18.

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