[NO COUNTRY PREMIERE] Willie Breeding Unveils “Ride On” Ahead of Steelism-Backed Debut LP ‘Big Sky’


In order to craft his forthcoming debut LP, Big Sky, singer-songwriter Willie Breeding, a Nashville transplant who cut his teeth spending much of his early musical career in New York, returned home to his native Kentucky, to work with co-producer Duane Lundy members of acclaimed, country-infused local instrumental outfit Steelism.

After honing his talents writing for others and touring with his band The Breedings, Willie found himself with music that finally felt primed for a solo effort. “I had this collection of songs that were all over the map,” Breeding says, “But I noticed they all had this weird, sad restlessness to them that pulled them together in my mind.”

The result is a stunning new effort from an essential local talent, combining his classic country baritone, reminiscent of  Lee Hazlewood, and Steelism’s country and western rooted eclecticism with a love of indie rock, vintage rockabilly, and even hip hop, arriving at a sound that feels both nostalgic and modern, refusing to conform to a singular genre convention, as simply great, personal, and melancholy rock.

Late last year, Willie unveiled an excellent debut single, the dreamy and baroque “Prague Spring,”  featuring guest vocals from beloved local talent Caitlin Rose. Ahead of Big Sky‘s upcoming release, we’re thrilled to exclusively premiere another new track, “Ride On,” featuring production from Breeding and Lundy, backing music from Steelism’s Jeremy Fetzer, Jon Estes, and Jon Radford, and additional vocals from Emily Hagihara.

With a layered, upbeat, vibe an extended instrumental intro, you can especially feel the musical prowess of Steelism’s accompaniment on this one, and with his booming, weathered delivery, Breeding sounds like a wise old soul out of place and time; an all-around hypnotic and powerful cut that has us even more eagerly awaiting the full LP. Stay tuned for further news about Big Sky‘s release, and listen to “Ride On” below!

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