Chris Jobe Breaks the Web in New Video for “Thank You Internet”


“Thank you internet for the things that you do / Thank you internet for reminding me I’m screwed.” That’s how the chorus of Chris Jobe’s kicks off in his cheeky single for “Thank You Internet.” Originally featured on our Spotify playlist, the accompanying video treatment is out now, and it’s a must-watch. The video was shot and edited in a vertical video format ideal for watching on your phone while you’re probably sitting at a traffic light that turned green 24 seconds ago. The Nashville pop artist skewers how we overuse filters, jockey for likes and put our freshest (and fakest) life developments out there. The hilarious video shows Jobe bathing in a tub of fries, proposing to himself and experiencing a surely life-changing livestream while seemingly stoned.

It’s all very self-aware 2018 commentary, and we’re glad to have Chris Jobe in on the joke so we can have a gem like this. Jobe handpicked an impressive team of collaborators for the “Thank You Internet” video, working with director Matt Delisi, producer Gabby Woodland, stylists Syra Khan and Raina Gir, and Green Shoe Studio for post-production. Jobe says, “I had this crazy idea of trying to make it interactive video with all the social media stuff so I wanted to have different vignettes and scrolling through Instagram and Facebook which was exactly like what the video looks like.”

The result is a stunning work of frenetic cuts, app switches, feed scrolls and sharp metacommentary. Sitting back and watching makes us realize how ADD-ridden the smartphone experience really is. It’s worth multiple viewings for the username Easter eggs alone, which include PoppyPopBoySexy, InLove4Ever and ILoveAdele.

Watch the the video for “Thank You Internet” below. Viewing on a phone is recommended.

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