Moon Taxi Drop New Video for “Not Too Late”


Like most Music City residents, we’ve been singing the praises of local alt rockers Moon Taxi for years, and have delighted in watching them earn the national credit they deserve over their past several releases and increasingly high-profile tours. It’s always awesome to see local musicians break out big, but the best part of all is Moon Taxi did it the hard way, grinding out local gigs, touring all over the nation, and playing every major American fest on the circuit worth mentioning (this year it’s In Bloom Fest, Bonnaroo, Cathead Jam, and Sloss Fest). After earning a cult following around the region with a trio of early releases, the group got major radio love for their highly acclaimed 2015 effort Daybreaker. After marathon tour after tour, Moon Taxi dropped their buzzed about followup, Let the Record Play, just last month, which has already made its way onto our Spotify playlist (and countless others) in the form of the tasty first single “Too High.”

As their latest LP continues to amass praise, the band recently released a video for their latest single, “Not Too Late.” The high school angst showcased in the spot should strike a chord with almost everyone, as viewers follow three different characters, each one overcoming different obstacles. The longing themed lyrics and ’80s style guitars match the visuals perfectly, transporting us back to feeling like teenaged dreamers in simpler times. Click on after the jump to enjoy Moon Taxi’s latest!

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