Turnstile, Touché Amoré to Play The End May 1


When it comes to the modern hardcore scene- as in real-deal, heavy, fast, ’80s and ’90s infused, unfiltered hardcore punk- no band is hotter right now than Baltimore’s Turnstile. The buzzy group have been around since 2010, but only over the past few years, and especially after 2015 debut full-length Nonstop Feeling, have they defied the typical hardcore band trajectory and leapt out of the DIY scene to become an act with critical acclaim (from unlikely sources like NPR, to boot) and the beginnings of a crossover following. Their sophomore effort, Time & Space, will arrive Feb. 23 through major label Roadrunner, which, again, is kind of insane for an unrelenting hardcore group such as this. Their records are good, but to see Turnstile shine you really need to see them live, where they’ve cultivated one of the most unabashedly fun, energetic, and of course chaotic live shows in the scene.

You can do just that when Turnstile return to town May 1 for a performance at intimate- probably too intimate for how nuts this is going to be- space The End. Better yet, they’ll be joined by the incomparable Touché Amoré, whose melodic, post-hardcore sound, DIY ethos, and intense live show has made them both a critical and fan favorite- seriously, 2016’s Stage Four was a masterpiece, as was prior effort Is Survived By. Rounding out the bill are Culture Abuse and Razorbumps, all but guaranteeing this will sell out quick. Grab tickets when they go on sale this Friday, Feb. 9 at 10 a.m. CST right here, or risk missing out on the show everyone’s going to be talking about all spring.

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