Josie Dunne Shares Parents’ Incredibly Cute Love Story in Video for “Old School”


There’s definitely value to kicking it old school in some ways when dating. On dates, we deserve each other’s full attention. Don’t even put your cell phone on the table face down; that shit’s still distracting! Rising songwriter Josie Dunne gets this, and she hits all the right social and melodic notes on her new single “Old School.” Classic horns and Motown influences meet 2018 production and an ultra fresh vocal performance from Dunne. The track is a romantic reminder to kick our tech to the curb when it’s time for intimacy.

The video for “Old School” tells the charming love story of Dunne’s parents. Marty and Marcy Dunne were born in the same hospital only five days apart, grew up in homes only two blocks away from each another, went to high school together and ignited a romance while attending different universities, complete with 100 love letters! Josie tells Billboard, “They’ve been such a great example that love is real. There’s so much negativity around the idea of being in love or getting married just because so often these days it doesn’t work out. They definitely make me optimistic.”

Watch the video for “Old School” by Josie Dunne below.

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